ISS Series Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen

Keep Debris Out of Your Pump Systems

No matter the source of your water, you need to clear the water of trash and debris that could block flow, damage the pump station, or clog emitting equipment.

Rain Bird’s galvanized, Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen removes large trash and debris from water sources, saving time and money in energy, pumping efficiency and maintenance costs. With a heavy 12- or 24-mesh stainless steel screen, this model will increase your pump efficiency for many years to come.


The pump suction screen is attached to the end of the pump suction line. All water must pass through the screen before entering the pump intake pipe. A small, side-stream from the pump discharge plumbing drives two spray bars that continually rotate, jetting water at the screen and blasting debris away.

Made to last, Rain Bird’s Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen’s all-metal construction has a removable screen drum. There are no exterior moving parts that can break down or need repair. The unit is completely corrosion resistant and will not collapse under normal operation.

For added flexibility, Rain Bird’s Self-Cleaning Pump Suction Screen can be installed at any angle without affecting operation. It also has a standard flanged connection (other connections are available upon request). The included “Y Strainer” — essential on the water jet supply line — provides easy access for cleaning and prevents the spray nozzles from plugging.



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