Food Production

Process water from a food plant's cooling tower is often contaminated with airborne dust, debris, cardboard scraps, labels, and bacteria. These contaminates circulate through heat exchangers and chillers, and significantly reduce the system's cooling ability.

Spray nozzles become clogged due to particulates in the system which sacrifices the quality of the product manufactured.  The plant’s water supply from the municipality or from wells is often contaminated with dirt which causes unscheduled shutdowns for cleaning.

Rain Bird self-cleaning water filters provide the ultimate solution where dirty water is a problem.

  • The filters operate on line pressure alone.
  • The self-cleaning process is triggered by a pressure differential and is accomplished in seconds without interrupting the main flow.
  • The filters are compact in size and designed to meet a wide variety of food processing applications.
  • Rain Bird filters are available in SST 304 and 316 constructions.