Pressure Compensating On-Line Emitters

For Agricultural Irrigation

Easy to install with a wide range of flow rates for precision applications.

Rain Bird’s unique self-piercing inlet barb eliminates the need for hole punch tools to make these on-line emitters easy to apply to any size polyethylene tubing, and the barbed outlet connects to all ¼” distribution tubing.

These on-line emitters are compact, offer the widest selection of flow rates, are self-flushing to resist clogging, and consistently deliver uniform flow across 15-50 psi (1-3.4 bar). They can be used alone or paired with Micro-Quick™ Sprays for maximum application efficiency.

Flow rate options: 0.5 gph (1.9 l/h), 1.0 gph (3.8 l/h), 2.0 (7.6 l/h), 5.0 (18.9 l/h), 7.0 (26.5 l/h), 10.0 (37.0 l/h), 12.0 (45.4 l/h), 18.0 (68.1 l/h), 24.0 (90.9 l/h)


Pressure Compensating

  • Provides superior flow from 15 to 50 psi (1 to 3.4 bar)
  • Ideal for undulating terrain or systems with a large variation in pressure

Barbed Outlet - Standard

  • Use distribution tubing to direct water for maximum accuracy

Silicone Diaphragm

  • Best material for long-term exposure to ag chemicals
  • Superior flush of debris when system is activated

Self-piercing Inlet

  • One-step installation saves labor costs

Turbulent Flow Path

  • Three-dimensional geometry to keep grit in suspension as it moves through the emitter
  • Emitter body and inlet made of materials to withstand chemical and UV degradation
  • No squirting - puts water at the desired spot
  • Color-coded outlet barb identifies flow rate


  • Compact design for low cost
  • Energy savings

Packaging Data

  • PC Emitters can be ordered in standard increments of 250, master cartons of 5,000, and pallet quantities of 90,000
  • PC Emitters can be ordered in bulk increments of 8,000 and bulk pallet quantities of 144,000

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