Advanced Bluetooth® Battery-Operated Controller


The new era of Bluetooth-enabled control awaits. Decrease site visits with an enhanced app user experience that makes your job easier.

Irrigate without AC power or frequent battery changes. The new BAT-BT Bluetooth Battery-Operated Controller leads the industry with up to five years of battery life! This wireless solution is fast and easy to install—and its durable, waterproof case helps ensure reliable, trouble-free operation.

A powerful user interface includes precise mapping, seasonal adjustability, a sharing feature and more: everything you need for total irrigation management.


Rain Bird 2.0 App Features
Advanced Mapping: Map pins turn red when battery is below 30%. Select a mapping pin and access commonly used shortcuts: manual water, edit controller, battery status, controller sharing, change address, Bluetooth status and delete device.
Offline Mode: Edit, track, and save desired controller changes in the app, even when out of Bluetooth™ range. Review change log at anytime. Rapid synchronize change log when back on site and in Bluetooth™ range.
Controller Sharing: Streamline operations and collaboration with your team. Share secure access of any and all devices with new team members. Keep existing team members up-to-date with on-site controller changes or make offline changes from anywhere and share with a team member on site for synchronization, saving a site visit.
Monthly Seasonal Adjust: Seasons change and so should your water schedule. Program adjustment values by month for the entire year in advance, saving not just water but site visits.
Cycle & Soak™: Eliminate runoff, a common form of water waste by breaking up the total run time into shorter cycles so the soil has time to soak in the water.
Seconds Based Irrigation: Run times go down to 7 seconds allowing one second intervals (7 seconds to 18 hour run times).
Calendar Days Off: Have a future event in the park and you want to be sure irrigation doesn’t run? Schedule the day(s) off ahead of time, saving a site visit.
Permanent Days Off: Do you always mow on Thursdays? Exclude certain day(s) of the week on a recurring basis, no matter the chosen watering frequency. (Odd, Even and Cyclic)
Additional Images: Quickly identify stations and sites via custom imagery.
Interstation Delay: Allow a delay between a station turning off and another turning on. This ensures your hydraulics are never compromised.
Rain Delay: Is rain coming? Save a site visit, turn the controller off for up to 14 days and then auto-resume irrigation. If rain is expected for more than 14 days set Monthly Seasonal Adjust values to 0%.
Pause Active Irrigation: If and when a broken nozzle occurs, simply pause the station, fix the issue and resume right where the irrigation program left off.
Search & Filter: Easily find controller(s) right from the home screen. Sort by name, controller type, recently added or last connected. Filter by Bluetooth in range, sync available or low battery.
Controller Grouping: For sites with multiple battery-operated controllers, add multiple controllers to a group for organized on-site operations.
Quick Status: View all your connected controllers and their most relevant statuses: controller auto, controller off, rain delay, calendar day(s) off, battery life and Bluetooth connection.
Controller Features
Basic programming includes four independent programs A, B, C and D each with 8 start times per day
Stations can be assigned to several programs with different watering run times
Run time is from 7 seconds to 9 hours (max 18 hours with 200% seasonal adjust) in 1 second increments
Independent station operation allows sequential start times (with stacking in case of overlap)
Global Monthly Seasonal Adjust; 0% to 200% (1% increment)
Four watering day cycle modes (custom, even, odd and cyclical) with permanent days off so no irrigation takes place on mow days, selectable by program for maximum flexibility and watering restriction compliance
Rain Delay from 1 to 14 days
Backup program may be saved and restored (manually or automatically for contractor default capability)
No loss of irrigation program after a battery replacement
Up to 15 calendar days off per year
Rain Sensor shutoff globally or by station
Run-off management with Cycle + Soak™️, available down to 7 second cycles
Short and open circuit detection
PIN code protection


Operating Specifications
Rain Bird 2.0 App; available for Android™ and iOS® devices
Available in 4 models: 1, 2, 4, or 6 stations
Operates one valve per station
Direct Rain Sensor Connection accommodates the Rain Bird RSD-BEx Rain Sensor
Operates with four AA alkaline batteries (AA, LR6, LR06): batteries not included
Up to 5 years battery life with four high-quality AA batteries
IP68 rated waterproof design built to withstand the harshest conditions; protect against dirt, dust and water…even if the valve box floods frequently
Master Valve/Pump output on all models
Battery changes have never been easier; wireless battery pack simply pulls out to remove and replace batteries in seconds
Radio Frequency Specification
Operation frequency band: Bluetooth, 2402-2480 MHz
Maximum radio-frequency power (for EU and UK): 9.95 dBm
Maximum radio-frequency power (for USA and Canada): 9.66 dBm
Antenna type: PCB antenna
Antenna gain (for EU and UK): 2.41 dBi
Antenna gain (for USA and Canada): 2.35 dBi
Certifications - Product Compliance
FCC Part 15b & 15c, ICES-003, RSS-247
IP68: 100% waterproof


Width: 5.6”
Height: 4”
Depth: 2.5”
Weight: 24 ounces (680g) including batteries
Maximum wire run between the controller and solenoid: 98.4ft (30m) by using 1.5mm² (16 AWG) extended wire

Model Comparison

Controller Models (US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and Europe)

  • ESPBAT-BT1: One Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Controller with One Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Output, Sensor Wire and One Common Wire
  • ESPBAT-BT2: Two Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Controller with One Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Output, Sensor Wire and One Common Wire
  • ESPBAT-BT4: Four Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Controller with One Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Output, Sensor Wire and Two Common Wires
  • ESPBAT-BT6: Six Station Bluetooth Battery-Operated Controller with One Dedicated Master Valve/Pump Output, Sensor Wire and Two Common Wires
  • Accessories

  • TBOSPSOL: DC Latching Solenoid (required for valve operation); Two 0.75 mm² wires (18 gauge) are supplied; 60 cm long (23.6 inches) 
  • Compatible Rain Bird Valves: DV, DVF, ASVF, PGA, PEB, PESB, EFB-CP, BPE and BPES series; 10 bars (150 psi) maximum operating pressure
  • BAT-BT Solenoid Adapters: Black adapter for plastic valves allows the potted latching solenoid to be used with selected competitive valves, Irritrol (Hardie/Richel) valves and Buckner valves; Brown adapter for brass valves allows the potted latching solenoid to be used with selected Champion valves and Superior valves
  • RSD-BEX Rain Shutoff Device: Operates with 24V or 9V controllers, including BAT-BT; designed to save water by automatically measuring precipitation and keeping irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions; does not interrupt current irrigation taking place, but subsequent station or program starts will be prevented; automatic return to normal watering schedule when the moisture level decreases as a result of natural evaporation