Spotlight on Our Values: Quality

One of our most important values here at Rain Bird is our dedication to quality. Tom, one of our Engineering Managers puts it best: “Quality at Rain Bird is the foundation that drives everything we do. It's ensuring that our products are designed and manufactured to meet our requirements and never accepting anything less.” We are dedicated to making products that our customers can depend on and will use for years.

Quality from the Start

Quality isn’t an afterthought — it starts with our designs.  At Rain Bird, we focus on making durable products that our customers know will work when they install them and they will continue meeting their expectations year after year. For Rain Bird, quality also means our products efficiently use the Earth’s most precious resource; water. Rain Bird and our products contribute to keeping our planet green, striving to keep us all healthy. Doing this as effectively as possible is just smart. To ensure we accomplish these goals, Rain Bird has one of the most advanced testing facilities for irrigation products in the world. We also have teams at our facilities focused on ensuring that the products we build continually meet our high standards and our customers’ requirements.

Quality Always

You don’t become the world’s leading Irrigation Company overnight or by chance. Rain Bird started in 1933 with a product that revolutionized irrigation, and as a result of our continuous pursuit of innovation, we currently hold over 450 irrigation-related patents. Our engineers are challenged to develop new and creative solutions to complex customer problems. They achieve this though the use of highly advanced systems and technologies, including the latest in prototyping methodologies and computer-aided design and analysis software. Rain Bird employs some of the brightest engineers and challenges them to design products of the highest quality while always remembering our customers’ and our planet’s needs. As stated earlier, water is a precious resource and must be used efficiently and intelligently. 

Tom, one of our Engineering Managers, spends his days working continuously to make Rain Bird’s products better. “I impact quality by working closely with the manufacturing plants and our engineers to ensure that we're always following our processes. And if those processes identify an opportunity or a need to make an improvement, I work to ensure that we prioritize these activities correctly and that we follow these through to completion.” With workers like Tom and the engineers he manages, we ensure our products are of the highest quality and durability in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know that our products are made to last, and we back them all with a satisfaction guarantee. We’re also dedicated to providing support to our customers. If you do encounter a concern with one of our products, we’ll do our best to make it right. That’s because we stand behind everything do.

Work With Us

Are you committed to high-quality work and creating products that make a difference? If so, join our team at Rain Bird and work with us to create the next generation of high-quality products focused on the intelligent use of water. Whether you’re interested in engineering new products or ensuring the quality of our products, there’s an opportunity for you at Rain Bird.

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