Rain Bird is how your future grows. We create products that sustain life's essentials and support your green spaces, guided by a commitment to the Intelligent Use of Water™.

Rain Bird's products support sustainable green spaces, landscapes, recreational areas and agricultural production world-wide. Our products utilize many water conserving technologies, including:

The Intelligent Use of Water™

Rain Bird’s commitment to The Intelligent Use of Water™ has grown beyond our products. Today, we partner with customers, designers and municipalities to provide solutions, education and training that help achieve near-term and long-term water resource management goals.

Rain Bird defines sustainability as operating our business in a way that demonstrates environmental stewardship, while continuing to develop products, services and education that promote The Intelligent Use of Water™.

Our Top Corporate Goals to Help Achieve a More Sustainable Future Are:

  • Achieve EPA WaterSense certification for our products for every category in which this certification is available.
  • Ensure 100% of product categories have at least one model that is suitable for use with reclaimed water.
  • Offer Design Tools for each major customer segment that aid in the design of water efficient irrigation systems.
  • Provide global leadership in intelligent irrigation control methods and products, including weather-based irrigation adjustments, leak detection and soil moisture monitoring.
  • Provide the highest quality products that ensure long product life, thereby reducing their total carbon footprint.
  • Increase the amount of recycled resins used year over year.
  • Increase the amount of recycled packaging used year over year.
  • Increase the amount of electronics recycled year over year.
  • Ensure a sustainable work environment for our global work force by providing safe work spaces and health and wellness education to employees.
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt sustainability and continuous improvement initiatives.
  • Pursue continuous improvement in energy efficiency in all our facilities.
  • Review sustainability goals and results annually.