Drainage Pop-Up Relief Valves

A pop-up water relief valve (also commonly known as a pop-up drainage emitter) is normally closed except when there is a build up of hydrostatic pressure. As the drainage pipes fill and build up slight pressure, the cover rises to allow the excess water to escape. Once the water is discharged, the pressure drops and a stainless steel spring automatically retracts the cover to its closed flush position. The flush design of the product ensures that it blends well into the surrounding area. It is manufactured from a structurally foamed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with a UV inhibitor to reduce sun damage. Typical application is at the discharge end of the drainage pipe. Can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position.


Available in four configurations  
Pop-up valve body manufactured from structurally foamed High‑Density Polyethylene (HDPE)  
Elbow (where applicable) manufactured from PVC  
Adapter (where applicable) manufactured from High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)  
UV stabilized to protect from sun degradation    
Spring-loaded cover rises ½" to discharge excess water in system  
Spring automatically retracts cover to closed position after excess water is discharged  
Can be used in both vertical and horizontal position  
Stainless steel spring to prevent rusting  
PVC elbows (where applicable) include a ¼" drain hole to eliminate standing water  
Made in the USA


Drainage Pop-Up Valve with 3" PVC Elbow
Color: Green     
Connects to: 3" S & D Pipe (ASTM D2729); 3" Triple Wall Pipe
Drainage Pop-Up Valve with 4" PVC Elbow and Adapter (DPAFHA34)
Color: Green  
Green Connects to: 3" or 4" Corrugated Pipe; 3" or 4" Triple Wall Pipe; 3" or 4" S & D Pipe (ASTM D2729)

Model Comparison

  • DPUV3E: Drainage Pop-Up Valve with 3" PVC Elbow  
  • DPUV4EHUB: Drainage Pop-Up Valve with 4" PVC Elbow
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