Série EAGLE™ 900/950

Os grandes espaços exigem grandes desempenhos. Os nossos rotores série 900/950 oferecem intervalos de alcance extra longos, maior tamanho de gota e uniformidade fiáveis e consistentes. Escolha a série 900 para aplicações de precisão de círculo completo ou a série 950 para círculo parcial.


Timeless Compatibility™
Designed for Timeless Compatibility™ with every EAGLE® rotor manufactured since 1992, these rotors give you the flexibility to update internals without having to dig up the case, saving you even more time.
GBS25 Solenoid
Delivers 25kV surge protection and built‑in filtration for a second level of protection from debris. Eliminates the most common maintenance tasks that plague competing rotors.
Top Serviceability
With superior performance in a smaller footprint than competing rotors and an intelligent snap-ring design for quick access to serviceable components, Rain Bird rotors have long been the perfect choice for golf courses.


Rain Bird golf rotors are designed specifically for large-scale irrigation installations such as golf courses.  If your irrigation needs are smaller please contact us for the right solution.
EAGLE 900: 63' to 97' (19.2 m to 29.6 m)
EAGLE 950: 70' to 92' (21.3 m to 28.0 m)
Flow Rate
EAGLE 900: 21.4 to 57.1 gpm (1.35 to 3.60 l/s) (4.85 to 12.97 m³/h)
EAGLE 950: 19.5 to 59.4 gpm (1.23 to 3.75 l/s) (4.43 to 13.49 m³)
EAGLE 900: Full-circle 360°
EAGLE 950: Part-circle, 40° to 345°
Maximum Inlet Pressure
Models E and IC: 150 psi (10.3 bars)
Models SAM: 100 psi (6.9 bars)
Pressure Regulation Range
60 to 100 psi (4.1 to 6.9 bars)
Factory Pressure Settings
900E/IC & 950E/IC available in 70 and 80 psi (4.8 and 5.5 bars)
Nozzle Trajectory
Standard: 25°
Inlet Threads
1.5" (3.8 cm) (15/21) ACME Female Threaded
SAM: 15' (4.6 m) of elevation
Rotation Time
EAGLE 900: 360° in ≤ 240 seconds; 210 seconds nominally
EAGLE 950: 180° in ≤ 120seconds; 105 seconds nominally
Maximum Stream Height
20' (6.1 m)
24 VAC solenoid power requirement: 0.41 amp inrush current (9.8 VA)
60 cycle: 0.25 amp holding current (6.0 VA)
50 cycle: 0.32 amp holding current (7.7 VA)
Surge Resistance
up to 25KV standard on electric models with the GBS-25 solenoid
Top-Serviceable Rock Screen™ and Replaceable Valve Seat
All 900 & 950 models

Comparação de modelos

E: Electric

IC: Integrated Control

SAM: Stopamatic