ESP-9V Series

ESP-9V — Plays Rough. Works Easy.

The Rain Bird® ESP-9V Controller offers easy programming alongside a rugged design that can withstand the wettest, dirtiest and dustiest conditions — making it the clear choice for your irrigation control needs, no matter your location.

  • Unmatched 5-year warranty — rest easy knowing Rain Bird has your back if your irrigation controller encounters issues
  • Weatherproof design — superior protection from dirt, dust, and water so your battery-operated irrigation controller can truly be installed anywhere
  • 2+ year battery life — industry-leading battery life, even in harsh, humid conditions
  • Intuitive programming — contractors, property managers and homeowners can easily streamline workflows and irrigate with precision

You have enough things to stress about. Don’t let your irrigation control system be one of them. The new ESP-9V battery-operated controller is easy to use, easy to install and easy to own. A clear view forward. 


Irrigation Controller Features
Waterproof case ensures long life, even when installed in a valve box
Common programming features are conveniently located on one screen, making programming quick and easy
Operates for at least two full years with two 9-volt alkaline batteries, or a minimum one year with one 9-volt alkaline battery
Large LCD display with easy to navigate user interface
Sensor input with bypass override
Master valve/pump-start circuit (multi-zone units only)
Non-volatile (100-year) program memory keeps your schedule safe when batteries die or are changed
IP68 certified for protection against dust and water intrusion
Plastic controller case with outstanding resistance to weather, yellowing and aging
Dual-sealed battery chamber keeps dust, dirt and water out
Scheduling Features
Dedicated one-touch manual watering button for easy operation
Automatic zone-stacking ensures that only one valve irrigates at the same time. ESP-9V will automatically irrigate the lower number zone first if zones are scheduled to water at the same time
Contractor Rapid Programming™ automatically copies the start times and watering days from zone 1 to all remaining zones at initial setup
Routine schedules can be created in three simple steps
Run times, start times, and watering days are customizable by zone
6 start times per zone
4 watering day options per zone: Custom days of the week, Cyclic, and ODD or EVEN calendar days
Delay watering (1 to 9 days)


cULus, CE, IP68. For current certifications visit:
Controller Dimensions
Width: 13.59 cm•
Height: 10.26 cm
Depth: 6.15 cm
Weight: 907 g
LCD Screen Size
Width: 5.72 cm
Height: 3.18 cm
Optional Wall Mount Dimensions
Width: 10.76 cm
Height: 17.60 cm
Depth: 4.99 cm
Weight: 107 g

Model Comparison

Domestic Model Numbers

  • ESP-9V1: 1-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9V2: 2-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9V6: 6-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9V1SOL: 1-Zone + 9V Solenoid
  • ESP9VDVFKT: 1-Zone + 1” DVF Valve (NPT)
  • International Model Numbers

  • ESP-9VI1: 1-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9VI2: 2-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9VI4: 4-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9VI6: 6-Zone Controller
  • ESP-9VI1SOL: 1-Zone + 9V Solenoid
  • ESP9VIDVFKIT: 1-Zone + 1” DVF Valve (BSP)
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