ACLP Series Pump Stations

Advanced Compact low profile VFD Pump Stations

Rain Bird’s ACLP series pump stations are UL listed packaged pump stations designed for boost, suction lift or flooded suction applications. The ACLP station features a marine-grade aluminum enclosure, professional-grade centrifugal pump, and powder coated carbon steel piping for efficient performance and maximum corrosion resistance. The ACLP stations feature variable speed controls to smoothly, efficiently, and reliably produce constant pressure at varying flow rates within a large envelope of operation. See individual pump performance curves for details.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)  
Pump Start Relay included (24VAC/DC with surge protection)  
Flow Switch included  
Bladder Tank included  
Marine-Grade Aluminum Enclosure and deck with an exhaust fan  
Isolation Valves for easy maintenance  
Auto-Off-Manual Switch provides the user full control and override capabilities  
Available in single and three phase 208V, 220V, 230V, VAC and three phase 480V VAC configurations  
Multiple options for boost, flooded suction, and suction lift applications (see options list)  
External Fault / Alarm and Run lights
Plumbing Configurations
Inlet and discharge piping on opposite sides of the enclosure  
½" priming port  
Mechanical Features
Discharge and intake isolation valves  
Liquid filled pressure gauges on intake and discharge piping  
Rugged centrifugal pump


24V AC/DC pump start relay included for optional remote control Autonomous controls with wake on low pressure and retire on low flow  
Low flow rate is verified with a pressure test prior to retiring the pump to prevent frequent motor starts and extend equipment life  
Power Requirement: Single or three phase 208V, 220V, 230V AC or three phase 480V AC  
TEFC Motor  
UL Listed QCZJ packaged pump system file E249335  
UL Listed NITW control panel file E251596
Options and Accessories
Rain Bird automatic suction scanning filter  
Surge Suppression Kit: Single phase (208V, 220V, or 230V AC); Three phase (208V, 220V, 230V or 480V AC)  
Stainless steel piping to replace internal powder coated carbon steel piping  
Environmental package, includes space heater and enclosure insulation  
Passive intake strainer and foot valve assembly for suction lift applications  
Self-cleaning inlet strainer and foot valve assembly for improved suction lift performance

Model Comparison

3HP Models:

  • ACLP03ACC: Up to 140 GPM at 18 PSI or up to 30 GPM at 39 PSI  
  • ACLP03CAC: Up to 68 GPM at 32 PSI or up to 24 GPM at 41 PSI    
  • 5HP Models:

  • ACLP05BAC: Up to 190 GPM at 23 PSI or up to 100 GPM at 29 PSI  
  • ACLP05DAC: Up to 75 GPM at 49 PSI or up to 25 GPM at 61 PSI      
  • ACLP05EAC: Up to 160 GPM at 30 PSI or up to 40 GPM at 55 PSI  
  • ACLP05FAC: Up to 90 GPM at 55 PSI or up to 35 GPM at 71 PSI    
  • 7.5HP Models:

  • ACLP07GAC: Up to 220 GPM at 29 PSI or up to 110 GPM at 36 PSI  
  • ACLP07HAC: Up to 140 GPM at 54 PSI or up to 40 GPM at 65 PSI  
  • ACLP07JAC: Up to 85 GPM at 75 PSI or up to 30 GPM at 90 PSI    
  • 10HP Models:

  • ACLP10KAC: Up to 240 GPM at 45 PSI or up to 120 GPM at 54 PSI  
  • ACLP10LAC: Up to 160 GPM at 64 PSI or up to 40 GPM at 79 PSI  
  • ACLP10NAC: Up to 100 GPM at 89 PSI or up to 30 GPM at 114 PSI  
  • 15HP Models:

  • ACLP15OAC: Up to 300 GPM at 59 PSI or up to 140 GPM at 74 PSI  
  • ACLP15PAC: Up to 200 GPM at 79 PSI or up to 50 GPM at 102 PSI  
  • ACLP15RAC: Up to 340 GPM at 51 PSI or up to 80 GPM at 67 PSI  
  • ACLP15SAC: Up to 180 GPM at 77 PSI or up to 100 GPM at 96 PSI    
  • 20HP Models:

  • ACLP20TAC: Up to 300 GPM at 64 PSI or up to 140 GPM at 79 PSI  
  • ACLP20UAC: Up to 200 GPM at 88 PSI or up to 50 GPM at 110 PSI  
  • ACLP20VAC: Up to 360 GPM at 60 PSI or up to 80 GPM at 78 PSI  
  • ACLP20WAC: Up to 200 GPM at 83 PSI or up to 100 GPM at 112 PSI