5000 Series MPR Nozzles

Perfectly Balanced Coverage with the 5000 Series Rotor

Rain Bird 5000/5000 Plus MPR Nozzles simplify both the design process and the installation of rotors, because they reliably deliver matched precipitation rates within and between rotor radii from 25' to 35'.Without having to use fixed arc plates, designers and installers can achieve MPR using either 5000 Series or 5000 Plus Series Rotors. Superior flexibility in arc adjustment minimizes the risks of over- or under-watering.


  • No fixed arc plate required.
  • Compatible with both the 5000 and 5000 Plus Rotor Series.
  • Rain Curtain™ Technology provides:
    • Large droplets for consistent performance.
    • Effective close-in watering.
    • Even distribution over the entire radius.
  • Precipitation rate of 0.60 in/hr (15,2 mm/hr) reduces run-off and erosion.
  • Color-coded by radius for easy identification.
  • Nozzles are easy to insert and remove.
  • Stackable Nozzle trees for convenient storage.


  • Three Nozzle trees of 25', 30', and 35' (7,6 m, 9,1 m, 10,7 m) radii.
  • Each tree contains a Q (90°), T (120°), H (180°), and F (360°) Nozzle.

Model Comparison

5000MPRMPK: 5000/5000 Plus Series MPR nozzle tree multi pack-25’, 30’, 35’ radius in Quarter, Third, Half, Full arc

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