1/2" Universal Easy-Fit Fittings

Make the right connection every time – in a lot less time.

  • Use with all brands of ½" – 5/8" O.D. drip tubing
  • Faster, more convenient way to make drip connections
  • Strong compression fitting avoids leaks
  • Works with any manufacturer’s drip tubing from 16mm to 18 mm (½" to 5/8") O.D.


  • Faster and easier to install—requires up to 50% less force to install tubing, making your installation project faster and easier
  • Fittings and adapters that can accommodate virtually connection situation, great for maintenance and retrofitting existing systems.
  • The eight components of the Easy Fit System (3 Fittings and 5 Adapters) can be built into over 160 different configurations.
  • Male- and female-threaded Easy Fit Compression Adapters quickly and efficiently connect the fitting/tubing assembly onto pipes, hoses and other threaded components.
  • Note: Easy Fit Adapters are not barbed fittings. They are to be used only with Easy Fit Compression Fittings.

See how the Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression System Simplifies the Installation Process:

Step 1

Select an Easy Fit Compression
Fitting—either a coupling, an elbow, or a tee.

Step 2

Select the Easy Fit Compression Adapter to connect the fitting to any ½" (12,7 mm) or 3/4" (19,05 mm) male- or female-threaded component (for example, a threaded PVC riser).

Step 3

After selecting the right Easy Fit Compression System components, simply assemble the two using little effort.

Step 4

Easily insert any manufacturer’s drip tubing up to .700" O.D. into the fitting and connect onto the threaded component. Simple. Fast. Done.

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