GSV Series Valves

Designed for the Harshest Conditions

Rain Bird® GSV Series Valves deliver the reliable performance you can trust year after year in a full line of plastic and brass options. With precision pressure regulation pre-installed, the GSV Series provides an innovative solution that’s strong enough to weather any storm.


Powerful Surge Resistance
25kV surge protection with the GBS25 Solenoid and 20kV surge protection with ICM.
Adjustable Pressure Regulation
Maintain the constant pressure you need between 15 and 100psi (1.04 to 6.90 bar), regardless of incoming pressure fluctuations.
Designed to Resist Chemicals and Reclaimed Water
A chlorine-resistant diaphragm delivers increased protection against harsh chemicals.


Stand Up to the Storm
25kV surge protection with the GBS25 Solenoid and 20kV surge protection with ICM.
Built-in filtration with the GBS25 Solenoid for a second level of protection from debris.
Overcome Pressure Fluctuations
A pre-installed PRS-DIAL regulates outlet pressure in the field for better distribution uniformity.
Improved pressure spike reduction capabilities reduce water hammer.
Adjustment knob with an indicator allows fine-tuning in 1/3psi (0.02 bar) increments.
Install Extreme Durability
All models feature chlorine-resistant diaphragm for applications using reclaimed water and include an extra purple flow control handle/handle cover to designate non-potable water.  
Scrubber mechanism encapsulates stainless steel screen to dislodge grit and plant material.
Waterproof dial cartridge eliminates fogging and binding.
Ergonomic design with snap-tight cover on dial cartridge prevents vandalism.

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