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Total System Solutions for Every Application

Commercial irrigation requires more. More performance. Flexibility. Dependability. And more time, money and resources against the job. At Rain Bird, irrigation is our only business. So we implement rigorous standards for every new product and component throughout design, development and testing. With easy access to technical support from sales representatives and distributors, you can count on solutions that meet and exceed every need and expectation.

Superior Development.  Superior Testing.

Superior Development. 
Superior Testing.

Total Focus.  Total Solutions.

Total Focus. 
Total Solutions.

Better Service.  Better Results.

Better Service. 
Better Results.

Next-Generation Technology

Both the LXME2 and LXIVM controllers were put to the ultimate user experience test to demand better performance in commercial settings. Multiple rounds of customer research, testing and vetting went into each controller, resulting in an improved user interface.

Simplified Dial

Simplified Dial

Intuitive operation

Intuitive Operation

Backlist display

Backlit Display



The Most Advanced Irrigation Controller

Harness the efficient power of two-wire communication with the LXIVM Commercial Controller.

See LXIVM Benefits

Get advanced diagnostics and streamline irrigation with two-way communication

IVM Technology

Integrated Valve Module stays consistently connected between IVM Smart Valves and the IVM Controller.

Save on Troubleshooting Costs

With no decoders, there’s a 50% chance for fewer wire splices — saving you labor and material costs.

Irrigate From Anywhere, Anytime

LXIVM is compatible with IQ4 for advanced water management and monitoring on the go.

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Remote Water Management Made Easy

Monitor irrigation from anywhere while saving time and money with the leading IQ4 Central Control software.

More on IQ4

Access fully remote irrigation monitoring with IQ4 Central Control

1 or 1,000+

Control up to over 1,000 controllers from your desktop or mobile device.

Do More in More Languages

Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese versions to provide detailed logs, reports, automated warnings, weather-based adjustments and more.

Available in Two Forms

The platform currently consists of two options: IQ4 Cloud for multiple irrigation administrators and IQ4 Desktop for single administrators.

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Everything For A Complete Commercial System

No matter the size of application, there’s a Rain Bird solution for any problem. Filter what you need, compare products and customize components to expand your system’s capabilities.

300 BPES

300-BPES icon-arrow

3" Brass Master Valve
  • Trouble-Free Performance
  • Lasts in Harsh Conditions
  • Withstands Extreme Pressure

EFB-CP Series icon-arrow

Highly Durable Brass Valve
  • Contamination-Proof
  • Self-Flushing Screen
  • Resists Debris Build-Up

PE-IVM Series icon-arrow

Best-in-Class Valves
  • Eliminates Decoders
  • 50% Fewer Wire Splices
  • Two-Way Communication



PEB/PESB Series icon-arrow

Professional Series Plastic Valves
  • Most Durable
  • Industrial-Strength
  • Ideal for Commercial Irrigation

PESB-R Series icon-arrow

Chlorine-Resistant Valves
  • Ideal for Reclaimed Water Applications
  • Built for Harsh Conditions
  • Resist Clogging with Innovative Scrubber

PGA-IVM Series icon-arrow

Pre-Installed IVM-SOL
  • Eliminates Decoders
  • 50% Fewer Wire Splices
  • Improved Reliability

PGA Series icon-arrow

Toughest, Most Reliable Valves
  • High-End Residential Applications
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy to Service
5000 Series

5000/5000+ Series icon-arrow

Industry’s Most Reliable Rotor
  • Exclusive Triple-Blade Wiper Seal
  • Industry-Leading Rain Curtain™ Nozzles
  • Options for Every Application
8005 Series

8005 Series icon-arrow

Performance Built to Last
  • Abuse-Resistant Rotors
  • 80-Foot Radius
  • Designed for Reliability
Falcon 6504 Series

FALCON 6504 Series icon-arrow

Uncompromising Performance
  • Full- or Part-Circle
  • Multi-Function Wiper Seal
  • Long-Term Protection
Sprays nozzles rvan

R-VAN Rotary Nozzle icon-arrow

Advanced Multi-Stream Technology 
  • Matched Precipitation Rates
  • Tool-Free Adjustment
  • Cuts Through Wind
RD-1800 Series

RD1800 Series icon-arrow

Designed for Harsh Applications
  • Built with Exclusive Materials
  • Potable and Non-Potable Systems
  • Rugged, Durable Performance
HE-VAN Nozzles

HE-VAN Nozzles icon-arrow

High-Efficiency Coverage
  • Variable Arc Adjustment
  • Wind-Resistant Water Droplets
  • Prevents Misting and Evaporation
1" Wide Flow Control Zone Kit

XCZ-100-IVM icon-arrow

1" Wide Flow Control Zone Kit
  • Pre-Installed Integrated Valve Module
  • Flow Indicating Basket Filter
  • Easy Shut-Off

ESP-LXME2 Modular Controller icon-arrow

Next-Generation for Traditionally Wired Systems
  • 40 Programs
  • Large Backlit LCD Screen
  • Intuitive Operation
IQ4 Central Control

IQ4 Central Control icon-arrow

Multi-Site Remote Management
  • State-of-the-Art Programming
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Advanced Monitoring

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Need to find a product to quickly fix your problem? Locate your local Rain Bird distributor to find the solution that works for your application.