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Steuergerät PAR+ES

Unsere aktualisierten PAR+ES-Satellitensteuergeräte sind mit IFX-Satellitenplatinen ausgestattet, die die Kommunikation mit der Plusversion der integrierten Steuerungsschnittstelle (ICI+) und IC System™ von Rain Bird auf die nächste Stufe heben.

Jetzt können Sie Ihr Satellitensystem unter Verwendung desselben Leiterkanals aufrüsten und gleichzeitig von der Möglichkeit von 72 Stationen, unbegrenzten Programmen mit Zentralsteuerung, Premium-Überspannungsschutz, umfangreichen Diagnosefunktionen und einem erstklassigen Sockelgehäuse profitieren. Und mit der zukunftsorientierten Timeless Compatibility™ bietet es das Beste aus beiden Welten für heute und morgen. Wollen Sie noch mehr Flexibilität? Unsere exklusiven 900-MHz-Funkgeräte ICI+LINK und LINK bieten Ihnen mehr Designoptionen, ohne dass zusätzliche Kommunikationsdrähte oder Lizenzanforderungen erforderlich sind.


Standalone, two-wire, and LINK.
Central Control Ready
Works with any Rain Bird Central Control System. Factory-configured to receive commands via cellular phone (MI Series Mobile Controller*) or UHF radio (FREEDOM System).
Choice of Pedestal Colors
Available in gray and green.
Easy Programming
Large, raised control buttons with clear, descriptive icons and a high‑contrast Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel make programming easy — even for the novice. Lights indicate active schedules and central control status, while copy-paste function speeds the programming process. An angled keypad aids visibility as well as water drainage and makes the PAR+ES controller extremely easy to use.
Greater Water Precision
The PAR+ES controller allows you to program six (6) automatic and two (2) manual schedules. It allows you to turn on a maximum of 16 valves at 60 Hz and 12 valves at 50 Hz and features four (4) control modes — giving you ample programming and operating control.
Modular Configuration Allows Easy Expansion
The PAR+ES is available in 16 to 32- and 56-station base configurations and can be easily upgraded in 8-station increments. By simply plugging in an eight-station Output Station Module (OSM) you can expand your PAR+ES controller capabilities to accommodate 24, 40, 48, 64, or 72 stations.
Multi Manual with Station and Program Stacking
Perfect for syringing or putting down fertilizer, multi manual allows the manual launch of as many stations as necessary. Split-second delayed start prevents water hammer and high inrush current.
Multiple Schedule Operation
No schedule limit when operated with Rain Bird Central Control Systems. Six (6) automatic (with 8 start times each) and two (2) manual schedules available for standalone operation.
Mix and Match
Mix and match with any other Rain Bird Controller and with any Rain Bird Central Control System.
Easy to Use
Large buttons with clear, descriptive icons make programming easy.
Enclosed Electronics
Provides the best protection against the elements.
16-Solenoid Simultaneous Operation
Heavy-duty transformer permits simultaneous operation of up to 16 solenoids (12 at 50 Hz).
Irrigation Control
Variable or weekday programming, for weekday cycle or for irrigation every other day, every three days, or up to every nine days.
Simplified Installation
One transformer accommodates various power inputs.
Front Panel Lighting
LEDs and back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) make programming easy even in poor lighting.
Large Capacity Terminal Strip
Accepts up to two 14-gauge wires per station.
Standard Station Lights
OSM lights provide easy identification of active stations.
Premium Surge Protection
Premium surge protection included in all models.
Sensor Response
Sensor activation cancels irrigation at the controller.
Master Valve Activation
Activate master valve output with station activation.
Available PAR+ES Retro Kit
Extends the useful life of older control systems by converting to PAR+ES water‑saving technology.

Technische Daten

Station Capacity
72 stations, up to 16 solenoids operating simultaneously (60 Hz)
Electrical Input
(50/60 Hz) 117 VAC Nominal 98 to 132 VAC
220 VAC Nominal 208 to 232 VAC
240 VAC Nominal 225 to 255 VAC
Electrical Output
26.5 VAC, 5.25 AMP
Station Load Capacity
Up to four (4) 24 VAC, seven (7) VA solenoids per station
No limit with Rain Bird Central Control Systems. Six (6) automatic (8 start times each) and two (2) manual in standalone mode.
Water Budget
0 to 200% in 10% increments.
Station Runtimes
1 to 120 minutes, in 1-minute increments.
English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.
Grounding Requirements
Less than 10 ohms
cULus [US and Canada], FCC Part 15b [US], CAN ICES-3(B)/NMB-3(B) [Canada], CE [European Union].


The flexible PAR+ES can be ordered in the following configurations:
PAR+ES standalone controller in a plastic pedestal.
PAR+ES satellite with two-wire module in a plastic pedestal.
PAR+ES satellite with Link (wireless) module in a plastic pedestal.
All configurations are offered with a weather proof and impact-resistant plastic pedestal.
Buy only the control you need today and increase your operating capabilities or change your communication method at any time.