Rain Bird Golf Introduces New 552/702/752 Block Rotors

Mon, 01/25/2021 - 07:16

TUCSON, Ariz. (Jan. 25, 2021) – In early 2020, Rain Bird’s Golf Division introduced its new 702/752 Series Electric and IC (Integrated Control) Rotors featuring faster, easier adjustments and fewer parts to simplify both maintenance and inventory. Now, Rain Bird Golf is expanding their rotor family with the 552, 702 and 752 block models. 

“Superintendents are loving the new 702/752 electric and IC rotors,” said Altan Tolan, product manager for Rain Bird Golf. “Now, the same popular features are available in block models. And with Rain Bird’s Timeless Compatibility™, the new internals fit in any Rain Bird case from the 1990s.”  

Rain Bird’s 552/702/752 Block Rotors offer flexibility and numerous other benefits, including a new self-adjusting stator which eliminates the need to change stator configurations when switching out nozzles, delivering consistent rotation speeds that optimize performance.  The Rain Bird Block Rotors also offer a wider range of throw, which gives superintendents greater installation flexibility and fewer parts to stock. 

Superintendents and their crews have the option of setting 552 and 752 rotors at full-circle or part-circle arcs with the turn of a screw thanks to Rain Bird’s Rapid-Adjust Technology. The rotors’ MemoryArcÆ feature retains two part-circle arc settings so that the rotors can be switched from full- to part-circle operation in seconds. A Seal-A-Matic™ (SAM) check valve provides 17 feet of holdback, keeping lines charged with water and preventing low-head drainage. Top-serviceable access to the rotors’ components makes maintaining them faster and easier.

“These new block rotors are another example of how Rain Bird is bringing industry-leading rotor innovations to golf courses everywhere with diverse needs and budgets,” Tolan said. “Whether you want electric, IC or block rotors, we have a model that you can depend on for consistent coverage and superior performance for better playing conditions.”

For more information about Rain Bird’s new 552/702/752 Rotors, visit rainbird.com/golf/rotors. To learn more about Rain Bird Golf’s other innovative products for golf course irrigation, visit rainbird.com/golf or 360.rainbird.com

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