Stratus™ II

Easy and Affordable ET-Based Control.

With Stratus II, you can start with the basics your course needs to efficiently maintain lush conditions on smaller courses (up to 27 holes), plus SmartWeather™ for ET-based control. By automatically adjusting your system based on real-time weather events, SmartWeather makes it easier to maintain perfect playing conditions while saving water.


  • Hybrid Communication (Up to 2 interfaces) – Combine two different field interfaces for added flexibility when controlling irrigation specific to your course requirements.
  • RainWatch™ – Active rainfall monitoring and automatic user-defined irrigation responses dynamically deliver exact application rates and reduce water use—all during an irrigation cycle.
  • Flo-Manager® – With real-time ow management, Flo-Manager delivers maximum watering flexibility, reducing wear on your pump station and minimizing your water window.
  • Temporary Station, Schedule and Program Adjust – Fine-tuned adjustments can be made on individual stations, programs and schedules to resolve temporary irrigation needs.
  • Quick IRR™ and Simple IRR™ – Intuitive programming makes building irrigation programs simple and quick.
  • Smart Weather™ – Automatically adjust your system based on real-time weather events and daily evapotranspiration (ET) measurements for precision irrigation and less waste.
  • SmartPump™ (Optional Upgrade) – 24/7 pump station monitoring allows you to automatically modify irrigation demand based on your actual pump data, increasing your pump station efficiency and protecting your entire hydraulic system. 


How to Specify Stratus II

Map-Based Control

  • Up to 2 Courses (27Holes)


  • 500


  • Up to 25 per Program


  • Up to 2

Satellite Stations

  • Up to 5,376

IC™ Stations

  • Up to 6,000

Pump Stations

  • Up to 6

Weather Stations

  • 1

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