A technology long-since proven on top golf courses around the world, Rain Bird decoders provide "best-in-class" field control on centrally controlled irrigation systems.

Installed underground and featuring simple, low-cost wiring, decoders are an aesthetically pleasing, full-featured, economical option for reliable in-field control.


 Cost-Effective Alternative

A simple wiring configuration and absence of protective enclosures keeps installation and maintenance costs low. Rain Bird decoders are a “true lower than 30 volt” system that utilize a two-wire path of 14-gauge wire connecting the central control system, decoders and valves or valve-in-head sprinklers.

Sensor Capability

If you need information from analog, pulse or switch sensors to manage your irrigation, connect the sensor to the SD-210 sensor decoder and view the data at the central. Using Smart Sensor Software, sensor data can even be used to control the irrigation.

Protect Against the Elements

With all electronic components fully sealed within a water‑tight enclosure and buried underground, damage from floods, frost, rodents or vandals is virtually eliminated. Rain Bird decoders are an especially good choice for flood plains.

An Out-of-Sight Solution

Buried decoder systems leave nothing exposed to the elements. With no evidence of in-field control, this aesthetically pleasing alternative works perfectly in situations where controller enclosures are unwanted or impractical.

Excellent for Renovations

Thanks to advanced central control technology and simple wiring requirements, decoders are a smart choice for many golf course renovations. Use Rain Bird’s hybrid control feature to operate controllers and decoders concurrently. This makes it easy to expand irrigation coverage using a minimal amount of wire and decoders.

In-Field Control Options

The addition of decoders doesn’t mean the elimination of in‑field control. Decoders can be turned on and off in the field with The FREEDOM System or MI Series Mobile Controllers. 

The Right Amount of Control

Select different decoders to operate one, two, four or six solenoids. Five different decoders let you choose the amount of control you need.


Decoder addresses per LDI interface unit: 500 maximum ‡

Active solenoids per LDI (with 20 mA current draw each): 40 maximum

Active solenoids per two-wire path on LDI (with 20 mA current draw each): 20 maximum

Maximum allowable voltage drop per two-wire path: 9 Volts

For LDI Lights: 15 mA (total) ◊

For each inactive FD-101 or FD-102 decoder: 0.5 mA each

For each inactive FD-401, FD-202 or FD-601 decoder: 1.0 mA each

For each active Golf Black Solenoid (GBS25) coil: 20 mA each

LSP-1 Installation: No more than 8 decoders between two LSP-1 surge arrestors or no more than 500 ft., whichever is less. LSP-1 ground grid resistance of 50 ohms or less is recommended.

    ‡ Although the LDI can handle a maximum of 500 decoder addresses total. With any number over 380, the number of active decoders you will be able to operate simultaneously may be reduced.
    ◊ Although the LDI can supply 1,000 mA and 500 mA respectively, allow 50 mA of safety factor (design 950 mA with an LDI and 450 mA with an SDI)


    • CE [European Union].

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