Banner of soccer player on soccer field with Rain Bird logo and slogan We Are Team
Banner of soccer player on soccer field with Rain Bird logo and slogan We Are Team

Irrigating Six of the World’s Premier Soccer Fields

At Rain Bird, we’re united by our passion for sporting events around the globe. And this year, we’re more excited than ever to be irrigating six of Qatar’s soccer fields.

From the biggest multi-country events to the multi-sports complexes in your neighborhood, our technology is designed to deliver the best possible playing conditions. Our employees worldwide are coming together to cheer on both their home team and the one they call home every day — Team Rain Bird.

Technology Designed for Sports Turf

To maximize playability, a field must stay cool and clean. Through our patented nozzles and sports solutions, turf receives uniform coverage, brown spots are prevented and the footing is more consistent while also helping save time, money and water. Explore these three stories of our technology in action.

Map of Qatar

Equipping Soccer’s Biggest Stage in 2022


Perfect conditions on the pitch are essential for this year’s biggest soccer event. Learn how Rain Bird is providing that best-in-class turf quality while helping prioritize player safety.


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Installation at 11 International Stadiums


To host world-class soccer tournaments, these Brazilian stadiums needed optimal system control and uniform irrigation despite complex conditions. Explore the comprehensive solutions that made it happen.


Brazil Site Report

Outline of map of Brazil with Soccer stadium in background
Outline of map of France with Soccer stadium in background

Saving Water in the South of France

Toulouse, France

Built over 80 years ago, the Toulouse Stadium needed irrigation upgrades so it could host international competitions. See how Rain Bird streamlined management and reduced fertilizer and water consumption by 50%. 


France Site Report

Sports Success Stories

Learn how Rain Bird has been meeting the unique challenges of different sports, playing schedules and facilities since 1933. 



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Everything for a Complete System

No matter the scale of the project, there’s a Rain Bird product for any project. Find your local Rain Bird distributor to get paired with a solution.


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