XFCV Dripline w/Heavy-Duty Check Valve

The most effective on-surface dripline for elevation changes.

Rain Bird XFCV Checkvalve DriplineRain Bird® XFCV Dripline with a heavy-duty 3.5 psi check valve for on-surface applications is a valuable addition to the Rain Bird XF Series of Dripline. Rain Bird’s XFCV is the most effective dripline in the industry addressing applications where elevation changes exist. Rain Bird’s patent pending check valve keeps the dripline charged in elevation changes to 8 feet, Rain Bird’s XFCV can be used where no other dripline will work.

Keeping water in the dripline at all times helps for better uniformity of irrigating the plants throughout the entire zone. The check valve also helps to prevent over-watering at the low-point in the zone, avoiding puddling from water draining from the dripline.

It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings.



  • Rain Bird’s patent-pending 3.5 psi check valve technology keeps the dripline charged with water at all times, increasing uniformity of watering, and conserves water by eliminating the need to recharge the line at the beginning of each watering cycle
  • Through the use of a proprietary tubing material, the XFCV Dripline with heavy-duty check valve is the most flexible dripline tubing in the industry, making it the easiest dripline to design with and install
  • It accepts Rain Bird Easy Fit Compression Fittings, XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings
  • Rain Bird’s low-profile emitter design reduces in-line pressure loss, allowing longer lateral runs, simplifying design and reducing installation time
  • Variety of emitter flow rates, emitter spacing and coil lengths provide design flexibility for on-surface areas with or without elevation changes

Made with Recycled Content

  • All Rain Bird XF Dripline (XFD, XFS, XFCV) qualify for LEED credit 4.2 because they contain at least 20% Polyethylene post consumer recycled material by cost. These come in an assortment of coil sizes, flow rates and emitter spacing


  • The pressure-compensating emitter design provides a consistent flow over the entire lateral length ensuring higher uniformity for increased reliability in the pressure range of 20 to 60 psi


Grit Tolerant

  • Rain Bird’s proprietary emitter design resists clogging by use of an extra wide flow path combined with a self-flushing action

Operating Range

  • Opening Pressure: 14.5 psi (1,0 bar)
  • Pressure: 20 to 60 psi (1,38 to 4,14 bar)
  • Flow rates: 0.6 and 0.9 gph (2,3 l/hr and 3,5 l/hr)
  • Temperature:
    Water: Up to 100°F (37,8° C)
    Ambient: Up to 125°F (51,7° C)


  • OD: 0.634"
  • ID: 0.536"
  • Thickness: 0.049"
  • 12" & 18" (30,5 cm & 45,7 cm) spacing
  • Coil lengths: 100' and 500' (30,5 m and 152,4 m)
  • Coil Color: Brown

0.6 GPH Models 0.9 GPH Models