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TLF Series Twist Lock Fittings

Dripline, Tubing & Distribution Components

Rain Bird TLF series Twist Lock Fittings

Rain Bird’s complete line of Twist Lock Fittings simplify the installation of all industry standard 1/2", 3/4" and 1" dripline and distribution tubing. They provide an even tighter seal on tubing by using high quality barbs and twist-locking nuts. Their unique barb design reduces insertion force while maintaining a secure fit.

Ideal for use with Rain Bird XFD, XFS and XFCV dripline, XF blank tubing, XT700, XBS and QF Header distribution tubing. Models include couplings, elbows, tees, caps and MPT threaded adapters.

  • Locks twist clockwise to provide a tighter seal on tubing
  • High quality barbs grab tubing for a secure fit
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Ribs provide greater leverage while gripping
  • Grit tolerant oversized thread
  • Universal 600 series will fit 1/2" blank tubing and dripline with ease

600 Series:

Use with Rain Bird XFD, XFS, XFCV, XF Blank, XT700 and 1/2 inch XBS tubing

1/2" twist lock coupling

1/2" twist lock tee

1/2" twist lock elbow

1/2" twist lock to 1/2" MPT

1/2" twist lock to 3/4 inch MPT
* uses TLF-CAP-0800


800 Series:

Use with Rain Bird 3/4 inch XBS tubing and 3/4 inch QF Dripline Header

3/4" twist lock coupling

3/4" twist lock tee

3/4" twist lock elbow

3/4" twist lock to 1/2" MPT
* uses TLF-CAP-0800

3/4" FPT cap


1000 Series:

Use with Rain Bird 1 inch QF Dripline Header

1" twist lock coupling

1" twist lock tee

1" twist lock elbow

1" twist lock to 1 inch MPT



Internal Diameter

  • 600 Series: Min ID 0.590" (15mm) -- Max ID 0.630" (16mm)
  • 800 Series: Min ID 0.790" (20.0mm) -- Max ID 0.845" (21.5mm)
  • 1000 Series: Min ID 1.025" (26.0mm) -- Max ID 1.085" (27.6mm)

Wall Thickness:

  • 600 Series: 0.025" to 0.050" (0.64mm to 1.27mm)
  • 800 Series: 0.045" to 0.065" (1.14mm to 1.65mm)
  • 1000 Series: 0.045" to 0.065" (1.14mm to 1.65mm)

Operating Pressure:

  • 0 to 60 psi