QF Dripline Header

The Industry's First Pre-Fabricated Coiled Header/Exhaust

Rain Bird QF Dripline Header Rain Bird® QF Dripline Header is the landscape industry’s first pre-fabricated and coiled header/exhaust for dripline installations. A replacement for traditional PVC, QF Dripline Header is designed to save time and labor expense. Installers simply roll out the header and attach dripline at guaranteed 12” or 18” spacing, eliminating the need for measuring, cutting, gluing and taping traditional header assemblies. QF Dripline Header saves time and money, making projects more profitable.

Patent- pending QF Dripline Header is the ONLY coiled header on the market. Made of a proprietary, dual-layered polyethylene blend for optimal flexibility, this product is ideal for curved or non-symmetrical landscapes like street medians and circular hardscapes. Simply roll out, connect to a water source and attach the dripline; it’s that simple.

360º Pre-Installed XF Series Rotating Elbows

No other product has pre-installed elbows that ensure guaranteed spacing. The 360º rotating elbows allow for trenching misalignment – no need to re-trench, simply rotate the elbow slightly to accommodate the dripline. QF Header Dripline also features the XF Series Fitting elbow design, which requires 50% less force to insert as compared to other insert fittings – resulting in less hand and wrist fatigue. A protective ring surrounds the elbow, protecting it from damage and ensuring a proper seal. The ring also provides leverage when inserting the elbow into the dripline.

  • Easy to install. No more measuring, cutting, gluing or taping
  • Pre-installed elbow fittings that rotate 360° - Simply roll out and attach the dripline to desired position
  • Same performance as comparable sized PVC
  • A proprietary blend of polyethylene provides the same easy-to-manage, self-dispensing coil as other Rain Bird XF Series Dripline
  • Available in 100’ coils
  • 3/4” and 1” diameters, 12” or 18” spacing
  • Accepts any 16-17mm dripline
  • Uses industry standard fittings
  • QF Dripline Header is designed to work with Rain Bird’s all-new TLF Series - Twist Lock Fittings (¾” and 1” fitting models) which provide an even tighter seal on tubing by using high quality elbows and twist locking nuts.


  • XQF7512100: XQF 3/4” Dripline Header
    (12” Spacing 100’ Coil)
  • XQF7518100: XQF 3/4” Dripline Header
    (18” Spacing 100’ Coil)
  • XQF1012100: XQF 1” Dripline Header
    (12” Spacing 100’ Coil)
  • XQF1018100: XQF 1” Dripline Header
    (18” Spacing 100’ Coil)
  • XQF101210P: XQF 1” Dripline Header
    (12” Spacing 100’ Coil) Purple
  • XQF101810P: XQF 1” Dripline Header
    (18” Spacing 100’ Coil) Purple


Operating Range:

  • Pressure: 0 to 50 psi (0,0 to 4,14 bar)
  • Temperature:
    • Water: Up to 100° F (37,8° C)
    • Ambient: Up to 125° F (51,7° C)


3/4" Models

  • Outer Diameter: 0.940”
  • Inside Diameter: 0.820”
  • Wall Thickness: 0.060”

1" Models

  • Outer Diameter: 1.200”
  • Inside Diameter: 1.060”
  • Wall Thickness: 0.070”