8005 Series

Protect Your Turf with High Performance, Vandal- and Abuse-Resistant Rotors from 39' to 81'

The Rain Bird® 8005 Rotor is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions and vandalism present in commercial rotor applications. It has been designed and tested to ensure the high reliability demanded by the market today. With its extensive customer identified features, it is versatile enough to fit all applications. The Rain Bird® 8005 Rotor, with its extensive customer identified features and 80 foot radius, is ideal for watering sports fields, parks, and other large turf applications.

MWELO Certification
This product has been tested to meet or exceed 0.65 distribution uniformity for California MWELO compliance


Vandal resistance, brass reinforced turret for increased side impact durability
Memory Arc® returns the rotor to its original arc setting
Non-strippable drive mechanism prevents damage from vandals
Easy, wet, dry arc adjustment with slotted screwdriver through top of rotor from 50° to 330° part-circle, 360° non-reversing full-circle. Full and part circle operation in one unit
Left and right side trips adjustable for ease of installation without turning the case and loosening the pipe connection
SAM Seal-A-Matic check valve
3-port, color-coded Rain Curtain nozzles for optimal long-range, midrange, and close-in watering
5 year warranty


Radius: 39 to 81 feet (11.9 to 24.7 m)
Precipitation rate: 0.48 to 1.23 inches per hour (12 to 31 mm/h)
Pressure: 50 to 100 psi (3.5 to 6.9 bar)
Flow: 3.8 to 36.3 gpm (0.86 to 8.24 m3/h; 14.4 to 137.4 l/m)
1" NPT or BSP female threaded inlet
SAM Seal-A-Matic™ check valve holds up to 10 feet (3.1 m) of elevation change
Nozzle outlet trajectory is 25º
Rain Curtain™ Nozzles: Included with rotor, other sizes available upon request; 10-grey, 12-beige, 14-light green, 16-dark brown, 18-dark blue
Optional Features:
Stainless steel (SS) riser helps deter vandalism on public turf areas
Purple cover (NP) for non-potable systems
Optional Sod Cup


Exposed diameter: 1 7/8" (4,8 cm)
Overall diameter: 3 1/8" (7,9 cm)
Overall height: 10 1/8" (25,7 cm)
Pop-up height: 5" (12,7 cm)
Note: Pop-up height is measured from cover to the primary nozzle port. Overall body height is measured popped down

Model Comparison

  • 8005: 1" NPT female threaded inlet
  • 8005-NP: 1" NPT female threaded inlet; non-potable cover
  • 8005-SS: 1" NPT female threaded inlet; stainless steel
  • 8005-NP-SS: 1" NPT female threaded inlet; stainless steel and non-potable cover
  • Nozzle Kits:

  • B81610: Low Flow Kit
  • B81620: Standard Flow Kit
  • B81630: High Flow Kit
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