5 Series Specialty Stream Bubbler Nozzles

Rain Bird 5 Series MPR stream bubbler nozzles are ideal for watering shrubs, trees, container plantings and flower beds. Water-efficient low volume streams are directed in full-, half-, or quarter-circle patterns.  A center strip model is also available, providing two opposite streams.


1800 Series white filter (.035" x .035") screens (shipped with nozzles) maintain precise radius adjustment and prevent clogging.
Stainless steel adjustment screw to adjust flow and radius.
Fits all Rain Bird sprinklers and shrub adapters.
Three-year trade warranty.


Spacing: 5 feet (1,5 m)
Pressure: 15 to 30 psi (1 to 2,1 bar)
Optimum pressure: 30 psi (2,1 bar)*

Model Comparison

5 Series – red
5 Series, Bubbler Nozzles – gray
8 Series – green
10 Series – blue
12 Series – brown
15 Series – black
15 Strip Series – black

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