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5000 PRS / 5000 Plus PRS Rotors with
Flow Optimizer™ Technology

Turn high pressure into lower water bills

When the pressure’s on, save water and money with Rain Bird 5000 PRS Rotors. High water pressure is a common problem in communities across the nation. But this big problem has a simple solution.

By regulating high or fluctuating pressure at the head, Pressure Regulating Stems (PRS) with Flow Optimizer™ technology can help save approximately one gallon per minute per rotor or spray. Given the high price of water in many areas, customers can also enjoy considerable cost savings—annually and over the life of the system.

A typical residential site using Rain Bird® PRS 5000 Rotors and 1800® Series Sprays can save 106,000 gallons per year.* That’s enough to fill an average swimming pool five times over. Check out the 5000 PRS Savings Calculator to estimate how much water and money you’ll save.

Save Water, Save Money

  • Save one gallon per minute per rotor or spray
    Every landscape is different. Use the PRS Savings Calculator to estimate how much water and money you'll save.

What PRS Does to Help Save Water

  • Regulates high or fluctuating inlet pressure at the rotor (45psi)
  • Complies with local water legislation
  • Optimizes the flow rate, putting down less water
  • Reduces or eliminates misting and fogging due to high pressure
  • Eliminates head-to-head pressure variations
  • Improves distribution uniformity by operating the nozzle at optimum pressure
  • Ensures long-term performance by minimizing component wear and tear

The Rain Bird Difference

  • Rain Bird was first to patent PRS sprays and remains the exclusive provider of PRS rotors
  • Unique Flow Optimizer™ Technology provides precise and accurate outlet pressure regulation
  • In-stem pressure regulator (PRS) reduces operating pressure to 45 psi (3,1 bar) for optimal nozzle performance
  • Rain Bird PRS adjusts on the fly to fluctuating pressure for greater consistency
  • Rain Bird PRS rotors are the only to receive the Smart Approved Watermark

 Site Report: Cobb County School District, Atlanta, GA

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