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PCT Series Pressure Compensating Threaded Low-Flow Bubblers

Low-Flow Just Got Tougher

Rain Bird PCT Series Pressure Compensating Threaded Bubblers

Rain Bird’s Pressure Compensating Bubblers are ideal for a variety of applications including shrub plantings, trees, containers, annual color, and flower beds.

Rain Bird’s new pressure compensating bubblers are designed for a rugged environment. Offered in 5 gph, 7 gph, and 10 gph models, the bubbler style outlet and medium-flow options provide more flexibility for commercial applications. The ½” FPT threaded inlet makes these devices ideal for installations using a PVC pipe and schedule 80 risers.

Durable – UV-resistant durable plastic construction with ½” FPT threads screws onto PVC pipe or schedule 80 risers.

Flexible – Pressure compensating design delivers uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range (15-50 psi). Ideal for a variety of applications including shrubs, trees, containers and large pots.

Easy to Identify – Color-coded caps make identifying the flow rate easy. Light Brown = 5gph, Violet = 7gph and Green = 10gph.


  • Point-Source Medium-Flow Emitters for Watering Larger Shrubs and Trees
  • Use as a bubbler on ½” PVC riser


  • ½” FPT threads screw onto a variety of risers, spray heads, and fittings, delivering point-source, pressure compensating flow
  • Uniform flow throughout a wide pressure range
    (15 to 50 psi; 1.03 to 3.45 bar)
  • Robust design - durable plastic construction is UV-resistant and color coded caps identify flow rate
  • Three-year trade warranty.

Light brown, 5 gph (18.93 l/h)

Violet, 7 gph (26.50 l/h)

Green, 10 gph (37.85 l/h)


Operating Range

• Flow rates: 5 to 10 gph (18.93 to 37.85 l/h)
• Pressure: 15 to 50 psi (1.03 to 3.45 bar)
• Required Filtration: 100 mesh (150 micron)


Inlet: ½” FPT threads are specifically designed to be used with:

  • ½” PVC risers, schedule 80 risers
  • MDCF50MPT 1/2” MPT compression fittings (16-18mm)
  • XFDMA050 ½” MPT insert fittings (17mm)
  • Rain Bird 1800 Series spray head with fitting
  • Xeri-Pop spray head with fitting
  • UNI-Spray or shrub adapter

Inlet Colors

Light Brown, Violet, Green