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Community Involvement

At Rain Bird, we take pride in our involvement with our global and local communities. Community involvement is an important part of our corporate values and beliefs. Our company and our employees have a long-term commitment to volunteering in a wide variety of charitable activities that benefit diverse groups of people.

Our goal is to provide all employees with the opportunity to serve their community. In this section, we will look at some of those opportunities:

Commitment to Conservation Education

Rain Bird is committed to the Intelligent Use of Water™ and is dedicated to educating the public about water conservation and its critical role in our environment.

Rain Bird communicates its company-wide commitment to our environment through a variety of educational programs and initiatives, including the Cal Poly Pomona University BioTrek Project, the Rain Bird Rain Forest Curriculum, the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Schools (an energetic, hands-on approach for learning about environmental stewardship), the Environmental Leaders In Golf Awards, and numerous product donations such as The Garden Magic Kids and various event sponsorships.

Volunteer and Charitable Programs

Meals on Wheels: Many Rain Bird employees volunteer their time to deliver meals to people who can’t prepare their own food. Most of these people are seniors who are confined to their homes and would have to be hospitalized without this program. Rain Bird volunteers provide the human touch that means so much to the home-bound.

Rain Bird and its employees also contribute to other charitable programs, including The Make-a-Wish Foundation, United Way, YWCA/Wings, Ronald McDonald House, The Shalom House in Tucson (a program that provides housing and counseling to the homeless) and the Adopt-a-Family program.

Water Conservation-Minded Products

All of Rain Bird's products, whether used for farms, golf courses, contractors or commercial or consumer use, are designed with two priorities in mind: Water conservation and the environment. As the industry leader of irrigation applications of all kinds, Rain Bird's broad range of irrigation products remain on the forefront of water-saving technology.

Rain Bird's advanced systems are engineered to distribute the exact amount of water necessary for the job at hand. Our goal is to make every drop count.