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The Industry's Only Integrated Course Control

From the leader in golf course irrigation comes another game-changing innovation. With Rain Bird’s Integrated Control Interface Plus (ICI+) and ICI+LINK, you can bring the intelligent IC System™, Two-Wire Satellites and LINK™ (wireless) Satellites all onto the same interface.

"With the Rain Bird ICI+, I was able to get the latest technology without going through a major renovation, saving me considerable time and money."

Ian McQueen, Golf Course and Property Manager | St. George's Golf and Country Club

Get the Latest Technology On Your Satellite Course

Rain Bird ICI+ and ICI+LINK open up new and less disruptive ways to renovate or expand your course with the IC System. Add IC Rotors and Valves, as well as IC CONNECT™, by updating your satellite interface boards and tapping into your existing MAXI™ Cable.

  • Complete Control in One Interface

    Manage Rain Bird Two-Wire Satellites, LINK Satellites, IC System or any combination of all three from one interface.

  • An Easier Way to Upgrade

    Extend the life of your current system and get the latest in irrigation technology without a complete overhaul.

  • Unmatched Wireless Capabilities

    Get greater design flexibility without communication wires and license requirements with ICI+LINK.

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ICI+ Diagram


ICI+ is compatible with Rain Bird MSC+, PAR+ and PAR+ES Satellites. To add the IC System, simply update your current satellite boards with the IFX Satellite Board*.

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*IFX Satellite Boards required for hybrid IC/satellite and is standard in all new PAR+ES Satellites

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IC Rotors and Valves

With an Integrated Control Module (ICM) built into every IC Rotor and Valve, the Rain Bird IC System gives you unrivaled two-way communication anywhere on your course.

  • Up to 90% less wire
  • Test over 1,000 stations in 45 seconds
  • Add components wherever there is MAXI Cable


Manage integrated control sensor inputs to collect information from your course and turn non-irrigation products on and off with Rain Bird IC CONNECT.

  • Collect information from flow and lake level sensors or rain cans
  • Centralize ON and OFF control for transfer pumps, greens fans, lighting, fountains and water features
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