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SST Smart Series

"Simple to Set" Smart Indoor/Outdoor Irrigation Timer that automatically adjusts all year based on current weather.

SST-1200s Self-Adjusting Smart Sprinkler Timer

The Simple-To-Set Smart Controller saves you time, money, and water with Self-Adjusting Weather Sensing Technology that is so simple to use, you can FORGET THE INSTRUCTIONS. 

The Simple-To-Set Smart Controller automatically adjusts your watering schedule to take into account both the seasons and current weather conditions.  This allows the controller to optimally water plants year round without the need to constantly reprogram the controller throughout the year.  The SST accomplishes this with a combination of a built in nationwide historical weather database and a Smart Weather Sensor that is included with the product.  Just enter your zip code and the watering schedule you prefer and the SST takes over making adjustments in the amount of watering either up or down as needed.





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Rain Bird has been a pioneer of Smart Controller technology since the 1980s. Built on the successful Rain Bird SST Controller platform, the SST Smart Controller allows you to implement a watering schedule that’s tailored for how and where you live.

Self-Adjusting Weather Sensing Technology, Simple to SetSo simple to use you can forget the instructions

Utilizing “Simple to Set Timing Technology” from the SST line of controllers provides you with an interface so easy to use you won’t even need to refer to the manual.

Durable, long-lasting design

All Rain Bird controllers are designed to last for years in the harshest environments. Tested to withstand extreme temperature, humidity, and coastal salt water environments, as well as power surges with built-in “Superior Surge Protection”, the Rain Bird SST Smart Controller can be counted on to work hard for years to come.

Set it up once and it adjusts itself all year

A built-in database of weather information adjusts the watering schedule as needed using “Self-Adjusting Weather Sensing Technology”. You simply enter your zip code and the controller does the rest.

Smart Controller Water Savings Graph

Companion CD for easy calculation

Watering can be scheduled to meet your preferences, or the companion CD can be used to calculate a more efficient watering schedule. The simple to follow instructions help create a watering schedule tailored to a specific geographic area—taking in to consideration plant types and soil conditions.

Easy to use also means easy to control

Sometimes “Smart” technology can be too controlling—making it difficult for homeowners to implement changes to fit specific needs. Not so with the SST Smart Controller. Regardless of the set up schedule, you can always change the watering schedule to suit your individual needs, allowing for total control.



  • 9 1/2" w x 8 3/4" h x 4" d

Electrical Specificiatons

  • input 120 VAC/ 0.3 AMP/ 60Hz
  • output 25.5 VAC/ 1 AMP/ 60Hz


6 Station Smart Automatic
Sprinkler Timer, Indoor/Outdoor

12 Station Smart Automatic
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