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A17 Series

Plastic Shrubbery Spray Head

Rain Bird A17 Shrubbery Spray Heads mount above ground on male 1/2" fixed risers high enough to clear tall plantings. They are ideal for watering shrubs and flowerbeds.








  • Adjustment screw regulates distance of throw for spacing from 8 to 15 feet apart.
  • Matched Flow Rate nozzle assures uniform watering when different patterns are mixed on the same zone.
  • Mounts above ground on a riser tall enough to clear shrubs and tall plantings.
  • Seven assembled patterns: Full, Half, Quarter, End Strip, Center Strip, Side Strip and Adjustable Pattern.
  • The shrubbery Spray Head with the Patented Adjustable pattern nozzle waters any part of a circle from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. Easy to adjust pattern for complex watering needs. - no tools needed
  • Distributes water evenly regardless of pattern set and is compatible with other Rain Bird match flow rate nozzles.

Shrubbery Spray Head,
Full Circle (360 degrees)

Shrubbery Spray Head
Half Circle (180 degrees)


Shrubbery Spray Head,
Quarter Circle (90 degrees)

Shrubbery Spray Head
Center Strip Pattern


Shrubbery Spray Head,
End Strip Pattern

Shrubbery Spray Head
Side Strip Pattern


Shrubbery Spray Head,
Adjustable Pattern

  • 1/2-inch (13mm) female pipe connection