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Rain BirdĀ® SSteelheadā„¢ Series
Impact Sprinklers


The Rain Bird SSteelhead Series Impact Sprinkler line has been discontinued. Rain Bird recommends replacement with the high efficiency Rain Bird LF Series Sprinkler.

Rain Bird's LF Series Sprinklers distribute water more evenly across varying pressures, flows and temperatures than any product on the market. The innovative design and construction make the LF Series the most robust in its class. Make the switch from Rain Bird SSteelhead Series Impact Sprinklers to the unmatched uniformity and reliability of Rain Bird's LF Series Low Flow Agricultural Sprinklers.

Please consult the SSteelhead:LF Conversion Chart to see which LF Series Sprinkler Drive Unit, Nozzle and Deflector combination is right for your application.

Rain Bird SSteelhead Performance Data and Parts

If you already have Rain Bird SSteelhead Impact Sprinklers, please click on a link below to download and view performance data and replacement parts information. The files are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.


Performance Charts
US / Metric Units

Parts List


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