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Rotores e válvulas IC

O Rain Bird® IC System™ liga o controlo central diretamente a cada rotor e válvula, proporcionando condições no campo excecionais, com uma eficiência inigualável em termos de água e energia. Nenhum programador de campo, descodificador separado, cablagem secundária ou uniões desnecessárias significa um projeto simplificado, operação fiável e facilidade de expansão.

O diagnóstico revolucionário do sistema IC permite ao campo de golfe monitorizar o estado e resolver proativamente problemas a partir de qualquer lugar, a qualquer momento, proporcionando uma verdadeira paz de espírito. Esta inovação exclusiva evita danos no relvado e poupa tempo.

Instalação e expansão descomplicadas

  • Corte aos custos e tempo de instalação, eliminando cabos, aberturas de valas e uniões desnecessários.
  • Minimize os custos de mão de obra durante a expansão, ligando simplesmente novos rotores IC a qualquer cabo Maxi existente.

Diagnósticos e controlo precisos

  • Verifique o estado de até 1500 rotores individuais em 90 segundos ou menos.
  • Localize e resolva rapidamente os problemas para evitar danos no relvado e custos de mão de obra desnecessários.
  • Providencie uma maior precisão e poupanças de água para áreas que requerem rega suplementar (pontos quentes, verduras, cultivos).

Projeto simplificado

  • Ao eliminar até 90% da cablagem e todos os descodificadores e satélites, o sistema IC protege a estética do campo ao mesmo tempo que simplifica a instalação, manutenção e expansão.


Streamlined Installation and Expansion
Cut installation cost and time by eliminating unneeded wire, trenching, and splices.
Minimize labor costs during expansion by simply connecting new IC rotors to any existing Maxi Wire.
The Integrated Control Module (ICM) offers tear-off bar codes and an easy-to-use scanner to simplify the creation of the central control system database for quick operation. As soon as the wire path is connected to the computer, you can turn on the sprinklers and valves.
The IC System is easier to design — only simple calculations are required. It eliminates an array of troublesome considerations—there are no satellite controllers to design around or conceal.
Pinpoint Diagnostics and Control
Check the status of up to 1,500 individual rotors in 90 seconds or less.
Narrow in on problems and resolve issues quickly to prevent turf damage and unnecessary labor costs.
Bring greater precision and water savings to areas requiring supplemental watering (hot spots, greens, grow‑ins).
Simplified Design
By eliminating up to 90% of the wire and all decoders and satellites, IC System protects the aesthetics of your course while streamlining installation, maintenance, and expansion.
Since the ICM is built right into the rotor or valve, the entire control system is below ground. Unlike field controller systems, the below-ground system offers protection against damage from vandalism, flooding, and insects.
Since the IC System control is designed to be entirely below ground, the golf course vistas are clear of irrigation components as envisioned by the golf course designer. The IC System allows the full benefits of Rain Bird central control systems including ET-based scheduling, customized course graphics, multiple mapping options, and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors.
Reliable Control
The IC System is a simple yet sophisticated controller/rotor/valve system built around a new generation of Rain Bird’s proven solenoid and satellite technology. Simplicity results in reliability.
The IC System is designed to always turn off if problems occur. When the wire path is damaged or cut, or if central control communication is lost, the ICM is designed to turn off automatically.
True “Below 30 Volt Control System”
As the IC System wire path output is 28 Volts, the IC System is a “true less than 30 Volt control system.” A lower than 30 Volt system is considered a low voltage system and is typically not subjected to code requirements regarding deep burial of the wire path.


System Capacity*
750 ICMs per Output Wire Path, 1500 ICMs per Output Driver Board, 3000 ICMs per IC Interface (ICI), up to 36,000 ICMs with Cirrus. * Specific System Capacity is dependent on the Central Control System ICI
Electrical Input
100 VAC Nominal 91-110 VAC @ 60 HZ +/- 2 HZ,115 VAC Nominal 98-132 VAC, 220-240 VAC Nominal 208-255 VAC
Electrical Output
26.5 VAC, 1.25 AMP Per Wire Path
Active Stations
No electrical limit — only limited by hydraulics of pipe network and size of pump station.
ICM Current Requirements
Varies based on wire path length — Nominal Current Draw is 0.33 mA on 5000 feet (1500 meters) of wire.
Grounding Requirements
ICSD to be grounded at less than 50 Ohms every 500 feet (150 meters) or 15 ICMs whichever is less. The Central Control is to be grounded with less than 10Ohms of resistance.
Working Range: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
Storage Temperature: -40° F to 150° F (-40° C to 65° C)
Operating and Storage Humidity: 100%
IC Module: 2.23" x 1.70" (57 mm x 43 mm)
ICSurge Device: 2.00" x 1.41" (51 mm x 43 mm)
Maximum Wire Paths
2 Outputs per IC Driver Board and Up to 4 total per ICI and Multiple Branches per Wire Path.