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Breaking News: States Require Pressure Regulating Sprays (PRS)

All spray sprinkler bodies sold into the following states will require pressure regulating stems (PRS) and EPA WaterSense certification on and after the dates listed below.


Vermont:        July 1, 2020

California:      October 1, 2020

Colorado:        January 1, 2021

Hawaii:            January 1, 2021

Washington:  January 1, 2021


PRS Conversion Guide

Pressure Regulation RVAN

Pressure regulation isn’t just for spray bodies...

See how Rain Bird's PRS technology works in rotors and valves too!

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University of Arizona Study Proves the Power of PRS


Rain Bird’s patented Pressure Regulating Stem (PRS) technology provides significant water savings, cost savings, and improved performance vs. non-PRS systems.

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Pressure Regulation and R-VAN Nozzles are the perfect pair!

Did you know Rain Bird's R-VAN nozzles are designed for optimum performance at 45 psi?

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