(Currently available in California only)

Rain Bird® XFS-CV Dripline with an improved 4.3 psi check valve delivers 10 feet of hold-back – the highest in the industry. With pure copper chips in every emitter to protect against emitter root intrusion, XFS-CV dripline is an all-in-one dripline suitable for any application – on-surface, sub-surface, sloped or level-grade. When used in applications where elevation changes exist, the patent-pending check valve keeps the dripline charged with water, delivering better irrigation uniformity while preventing over-watering and puddling at the low-point in the zone.

It accepts Rain Bird XF Dripline Barbed Insert Fittings, RB 600 Series Twist Lock Fittings, and other 17 mm barbed insert fittings. A proprietary tubing material makes the XFS Sub-Surface Dripline with Copper Shield the most flexible tubing in the industry, and the easiest sub-surface dripline to design with and install.

The Shiny Metallic Copper-Color Outside Ensures the Copper Shield™ is Inside

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