IQ4 Training Resources

You want to get the most out of IQ4 to manage your sites efficiently, and Rain Bird has the tools to help. From self-guided training to the Factory Trained IQ4 Expert class, we have options to fit your learning objectives.

Self-Guided Training

The IQ4 product webpage has multiple guides and presentations available for review or download anytime. Go to the Training section of the page to see links to resources in multiple languages. We continue to add to and update this section, so check back for more options in the future.

Get access to these items on the IQ4 webpage

  • Training
  • Technical Documents
  • Videos
  • IQ4 Bulletins
  • Marketing Documents
  • Specifications - CAD Drawings
  • Downloads
  • Support



IQ4 New User Webinar

Need a little more guidance and interactivity? We’ve got you covered. Our IQ4 New User Webinar hosted every Friday features a live tour of IQ4 set up. This training is very basic and intended for new users.

These are the topics covered:
1. IQ4 overview and registration
2. IQ3 to IQ4 Transfer
3. Set up preferences and users
4. System Setup – Weather Source(s), Site(s), Landscape and Sprinkler Types, Controllers
5. Controllers – Setup Programs
6. Programs – Setup Sensors, Master Valves, Stations
7. Add Stations to Programs
8. Tips, Tricks, Hidden Features

Watch the New User Training



IQ4 Customer Forum

For an even more on IQ4 product development and training on new features, check out the IQ4 Customer Forum. Guided by one or more of our IQ4 experts, these forums give an in depth look at new features of IQ4 and give you an opportunity to ask questions. You can also listen to past recordings.

Register here


IQ4 Expert Training

The IQ4 Expert class is in-depth 7-hour training class, offered either in-person or through a live streaming format.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

1. Setup, configure and program IQ-NCC-GP (Cellular) & EN Communication Cartridges.

2. Program and operate the IQ4 Central Control System Software.

3. Configure and operate IQ-Direct, IQ-Server and IQ-Client Satellite Controllers from the IQ4 Cloud operating platform.

The IQ4 Expert class is offered as part of the Rain Bird Factory Trained program. After successful completion of the class and a passing grade on the test you will receive a certificate that you are a Rain Bird Factory Trained IQ4 Expert.  Additional classes are available that complement the IQ4 Expert class.

See the in-person schedule here.

See the Live Streaming schedule here.

Support for When You Need Extra Help

When you have an immediate need for assistance with your system, remember that Rain Bird Pro Support is available to help!  For help with IQ4 or ESP-LX controllers contact 1-800-396-5166 or

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