Xeri-Pop Micro-Spray

Rain Bird's Xeri-Pop micro-spray is the only pop-up spray that works in low-volume, low-pressure applications.

Xeri-Pops can be installed nearly anywhere, making them a great out of sight solution in vandal-prone areas or else small, odd-shaped planting beds.

The Xeri-Pops in combination with an SQ nozzle meets micro irrigation system requirements with less than 26 gph flow rate at 30 psi. 



The only pop-up spray that works in low-volume low-pressure application, and this is the perfect solution to vandal-prone areas
Xeri-Pops can be installed and located in nearly any location and are ideal for small, odd-shaped planting beds; the 12" version is perfect for annual flower beds
Rain Bird's Xeri-Pops come with a pre-installed SQ Series nozzle with a Half-square spray pattern (SQ-HLF). 
The Xeri-Pop can operate with 20 to 50 psi base pressure when water is supplied via 1⁄4" Distribution Tubing (XQ)
The flexibility of 1⁄4" tubing allows the Xeri-Pop to be easily located and relocated as planting conditions dictate
A durable, plastic snap-collar (on 4" and 6" models) secures the 1⁄4" tubing to the outside of the Xeri-Pop case
The Xeri-Pop’s 1⁄4" Distribution Tubing can readily connect to 1⁄2" or 3⁄4" polyethylene tubing or to a multi-outlet manifold (EMT-6XERI). Connections to polyethylene tubing are accomplished with either an SPB-025 1⁄4" Self-piercing barb Connector or an XBF1CONN 1⁄4" barb Connector
External parts are UV-resistant and available in 4", 6" and 12" pop up heights


Operating Range
Pressure: 20 to 50 psi (1.4 to 3.5 bar)
Filtration: 40 mesh (when using SQ-HLF) 

Model Comparison

  • XP-400X: 4-inch pop-up
  • XP-600X: 6-inch pop-up
  • XP-1200X: 12-inch pop-up
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