Square Low-Profile Drainage Catch Basins

A Square Low Profile Basin used for grass areas, flower beds, decks, driveways, golf courses, medians, etc. The function of the low profile basin is to collect and discharge excess water in areas that do not allow a standard 9" or 12" Catch Basin to be installed. Can be used with the Square Flat or Square Atrium Grate. The grate can be screwed on to the catch basin for safety reasons and to protect from theft or vandalism.


  • Manufactured from High-Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
  • UV stabilized to protect from sun degradation
  • One bottom outlet designed to accept all Basin Adapters
  • Use a 3" and 4" Basin Adapter to connect to 3" or 4" Corrugated Pipe and 3" or 4" Triple Wall Pipe
  • Use a 6" Basin Adapter to connect to 6" PVC Pipe (ASTM D2729 and ASTM D3034, SDR 35) and 6" Corrugated Pipe
  • Accepts 9" and 12" Square Flat Grates
  • Accepts 9" and 12" Square Atrium Grates
  • Includes two screw holes to enable grates to be secured to Low‑Profile Basin
  • Made in the USA

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