Landscape Drip Kit

Rain Bird’s Landscape Drip Watering Kit is a water saving drip system that includes 57 pieces to help start or expand your drip irrigation system.

Rain Bird's Landscape Drip Watering Kit helps to provide a healthier plant life by adding spot watering for 23 more widely spaced plants. By applying water directly to the root zone, it helps reduce evaporation and saves water. It connects easily to already pressure regulated ½" drip irrigation tubing for simple set up.

Note: Requires Faucet Connection Kit and ½" Distribution Tubing, both sold separately.


Each kit contains:

  • 5 x ¼" Barbed couplings
  • 10 x Spot watering emitters 1 GPH
  • 10 x Spot watering emitters 2 GPH
  • 1 x Micro bubbler - full pattern
  • 2 x Micro bubblers - half pattern
  • 7 x ¼" barbed tees
  • 1 x Installation Tool
  • 50 feet of ¼" tubing
  • 10 x ¼" tubing stakes
  • 10 x ¼" tubing goof plugs

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