IMF Series

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

The IMF Series Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Series Filters offer an ideal solution for corrosion resistance in brackish, brine and seawater filtration applications. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic is a composite material made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass. All wetted components of the IMF-Series self-cleaning filters are constructed from seawater-resistant plastic or other high alloy materials

IMF-Series self-cleaning water filters are available in water line pressured (hydraulic) and motor driven (electric) models with an on-line, or in-line flange configuration to accommodate simple installation. They will easily fit any new or existing line configuration.

A two-stage screening distinguishes the IMF-Series filters. A coarse screen is responsible for straining out large debris from the water source, and the fine screen cleans water to the designated micron rating.


The unit consists of two stages of filtration, a coarse screen pre-filter and a fine screen. Suspended solids accumulate on the inner surface of the fine screen, building up a filter layer which eventually restricts the filter and creates a pressure differential. Once the pressure differential reaches a preset level a rinse cycle is initiated by the controller. The solids are removed from the fine screen using a concentrated backwashing method which aggressively sucks the accumulated dirt off the screen where it is carried to drain via the rinse valve. The dirt collector rotates while it moves linearly, ensuring the entire screen is cleaned each cycle. The process takes a matter of seconds, without interruption of system flow.


  • Flow Rate: 15 – 4,500 gpm
  • Flush cycle duration: 6 – 20 seconds
  • Flush valve size: single 1” or a single 2”
  • Screen opening: 5μ – 4000μ
  • Temperature: 150º F
  • Flush Volume: 15 – 110 gallons per backwash
  • Working pressure: 35 – 150 psi

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