FMD Series Water Meters

Manage What You Measure!

In order to effectively manage water use, it is necessary to measure it. Contractors realize this and are increasingly calling for flow measurement on irrigation systems. Local regulations, water district policies, and Green Building Code LEED, Sustainable SITES Initiative, and the EPA’s WaterSense program call for water flow measurement because of increasing water costs. Regions where water is naturally scarce, under pressure by a growing population, or is restricted by environmental laws tend to be where water agencies employ tiered water rates or increase property sewer usage fees.

The FMD Series Landscape Water Meters address this industry need for flow measurement while overcoming two common objections:

  1. Irrigation flow sensors / meters in the market today are relatively expensive.
  2. Inability of current flow meters / sensors to measure low flow with high accuracy.


  • Lower cost than comparable brass flow meters and most plastic flow sensors.
  • Passive management of irrigation using the meter’s register dial.
  • Delivers precise accuracy with flow ranges from 0.25 gpm to 160 gpm.
  • Landscape Water Meter allows the property manager to avoid higher costs associated with tiered water rates.
  • Landscape Water Meters are an integral part of an overall water efficient irrigation system.
  • Supports California AB1881 and 20/20, LEED, Sustainable Sites Initiative, and the EPA WaterSense Program.
  • Rebates offered by Water Agencies.
  • Satisfies NSF/ANSI standard 61 Annex G.


Mechanical Properties

  • Multi-Jet Totalizing Landscape Water Meter with analog register dial readout (minimum volumetric resolution of 0.1 gallons).
  • Brass body and glass-filled nylon construction provide maximum protection against high pressure surges, physical damage, and corrosion.
  • Not to be used with an unfiltered water source containing potential debris (lakes, ponds, wells, or other unfiltered sources).
  • Exposing the Landscape Water Meter, full of water, to temperatures below freezing can lead to permanent damage. To winterize the meter, allow it to drain through a downstream drain valve.

Rain Bird FMD Series Landscape Water Meters Suggested Operating Range

The following tables indicate the suggested flow range for Rain Bird FMD Series Landscape Water Meters. Rain Bird Sub-Meters will operate
both above and below the indicated flow rates. However, good design practice dictates the use of this range for best performance. Landscape
Water Meters should be sized for flow rather than pipe size.


Model Comparison

  • FM0625B: 5/8" with coupling inlet dimension x ¾" NPT outlet.
  • FM075B: ¾" with coupling inlet dimension x 1" NPT outlet.
  • FM100B: 1" with coupling inlet dimension of 1" NPT.
  • FM150B: 1½" with coupling inlet dimension of 1½" NPT.
  • FM200B: 2" with coupling inlet dimension of 2" NPT.

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