Outils d’entretien des arroseurs

Rain Bird propose une gamme complète d’outils destinés à l’entretien ou à la maintenance des arroseurs Rain Bird pour terrains de golf. Fabriqués en alliages métalliques et en plastique durable ultra-résistants, ces outils sont légers et faciles d’utilisation.


Rain Bird® rotor service tools efficiently and reliably work around the golf course, making it easier to enhance appearance and playability, while optimizing water use and minimizing labor and maintenance costs.
Our highly durable service tools deliver the quality you need to stay within budget and keep your course in ideal playing condition.
D02203 – Snap-Ring Pliers 900/950/1100/1150  
D02236 – Snap-Ring Pliers 500/550/700/750
B41730 – Valve Insertion Tool 900/950/1100/1150
B41710 – Valve Insertion Tool 500/550/700/750
D02215 – 7" Selector Valve Key
D02221 – 18" Selector Valve Key
B41720 – EAGLE™ Selector Service Tool/Key
Y05100 – 351B Rotor Tool
232693S – 351B Hold-up Tool
D02237 – Installation Socket for Top-Serviceable Rock Screen

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