Le système FREEDOM™

Le système portable FREEDOM assure une communication bidirectionnelle fiable avec votre système Rain Bird. Vous avez le choix entre des opérations basées sur des commandes ou sur des cycles, ce qui facilite grandement les réglages de l’arrosage. Dans les deux cas, le système FREEDOM vous permet de maîtriser votre système de gestion de l’arrosage, où que vous soyez.


Two-way Communication with Rain Bird Centrals. Audio response at radio indicates command received by central.
Station- and Program-Based Commands. Provides the flexibility to turn ON or OFF any station or an entire area with the click of a few buttons.
FREEDOM-Based Commands Recorded at Central. Irrigation activity logged at the central whether stations turned ON with FREEDOM System or with central.
Optional Flo-Manager® Bypass. Permits FREEDOM user to bypass Flo-Manager.
Optional Operating Window. Allows user to define FREEDOM usage hours, which helps superintendents to control irrigation activity.
Two-Way Voice Communication
Telephone Operation. All FREEDOM commands can be activated using a telephone connection.
Radio: Weather-resistant and reliable, the NX-3320-k3 handheld radio is built to survive the weather environments of its users. The NX-3320-k3 meets or exceeds the demanding MIL‑STD “driven rain” standard.
LCD Display. The backlit, high-resolution dot matrix 12-character display furnishes the user with a simple easy-to-read interface.
High-Quality Audio Output. Equipped with an extra‑large 1.58-inch speaker that delivers a half‑watt of audio power for robust clarity.
Extra-Long Battery Life. 1100 mAh batteries deliver more than nine (9) hours of operating time on a single charge (5-5-90 duty).
Wide/Narrow Channel Bandwidth. Each channel can be programmed for wide or narrow bandwidth operation.
One-Year Warranty.
MIL‑STD 810 C/D/E/F Environmental Tests. Meets or exceeds the stringent IP/54/55 dust and water intrusion standards and a full range of tough MIL‑STD 810 C, D, E and F environmental standards in categories such as vibration, shock, dust, humidity, rain, temperature, solar radiation and atmospheric pressure.


450 – 470 MHz (Narrowband), Note: License required.
100 V/110 V: 60 Hz, 230 V: 50/60 Hz

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