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Pourquoi nos clients préfèrent la technicité Rain Bird?

Nos concepteurs experts peuvent vous aider à concevoir et installer un système d'arrosage automatique économe en eau pour votre jardin. Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques commentaires de nos utilisateurs. Lorsque vous êtes prêt, commencez votre propre conception gratuitement.

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“I just wanted to tell you that the Rain Bird design you sent me works perfectly.  I must admit I was a little skeptical but it works exactly like the design shows. I would add that it is important to submit an accurate scale drawing for you guys to work with... thanks.”
- Jimmy, AR

“Thank you so much for getting my sprinkler design done so quickly…  The sod was put in right on schedule and it appears to be happily watered.”    
- Lisa, CAJeff's Yard“Rain Bird Design Service was very fast in its response time and the design was much more simple than the TORO design which is why I went with your system.”    
- Jeff, CA

“I found your design service to be very helpful. Thank you for offering this service.”    
- Wendell, IN

"The design saved me a lot of time on the planning of my automatic sprinkler system."    
- Theodore, C

"It’s easy to read and understand. I will just call with any questions."    
- Thomas, FL

"I was very happy with the quick turnaround and the completeness."    
- Timothy, CO

"I just really wanted to thank you guys for your help and assistance."     
- Joaquin, CA

"I really was impressed. The material list is a good place to start."    
- Thomas, TX

"Thank you for offering this service."     
- Michael, CA

Ernie's Yard"Fantastic service and high quality parts. I have used Rain Bird for many years. Very pleased with my design."    
- Ernie, TX

"I have referred your service to all my neighbors."    
- Zachary, CA

"Removes the fear factor of just starting out."
- David, CA

"… I was happy with the support I received. I asked for a redesign and got one right away. I asked that the file be e-mailed to me and got it quickly."    
- Daniel, AZ

"Next house l will contact Rain Bird and do it again. Super service and good products."    
- Conway, AZ

"Thanks, and if the rest of my experience with Rain Bird is as good as the plan process... you have a life long customer... with a lot of friends and family!"    
- Jason, MO

"Everything makes sense, and you've made it simple. I'll begin working on the system right away, and as soon as the front yard is finished, I'll sketch out the backyard and get your help with that."    
- Mike, CA