Pump Manager 2 y Smart Pump

Rain Bird® Pump Manager 2 está diseñado para el profesional del campo de golf que busca simplificar el control de la bomba, la supervisión y la generación de informes de datos. Esta poderosa aplicación de software le da un control total de su estación de bombeo desde su ordenador o control central.

Smart Pump de Rain Bird es una potente herramienta de software de control central que mejora el rendimiento de la estación de bombeo más que cualquier producto comparable del mercado. Integra su sistema de riego del depósito al rotor, comparando constantemente el caudal real con el caudal previsto. Al tomar decisiones inteligentes en tiempo real basadas en esta información, optimiza su sistema ahorrando agua, conservando la electricidad y reduciendo el desgaste y las roturas de su valioso sistema de bombeo.


Pump Manager 2
Direct Link to Pump Station from Central Control: View and modify pump operations from your computer or tablet as though you were standing right in front of the pump. Since all pump operation data is contained on your computer, Pump Manager 2 and its built-in reporting capabilities can keep you apprised of operations, flow, water use, and other key information.
Customized Reporting: Includes common reports for future review or regulatory reporting. For customized reporting, data can be exported in a file compatible with common spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft® Excel®.
All in One Solution: Standard with 11 different language options. Can be used with any computer and provide remote monitoring for any irrigation system using a competitive control system. Best of all, Pump Manager 2 is fully integrated with Rain Bird’s exclusive central control feature, Smart Pump™.
Smart Pump™
Actual Flow Measurement: Unlike other irrigation central control software, Smart Pump bases its decisions on actual flow, not estimated flow. By using accurate information — in real-time — Smart Pump automatically balances supply with system demand. That means greater efficiency and an end to wasted water and electricity.
24-Hour Pump Supervision: With Smart Pump, you can relax knowing your system will instantly respond to actual field conditions with the right decisions. For instance, if a pipe breaks, Smart Pump will stop water flow to the pipe to prevent turf damage. Or if a pump fails, Smart Pump will make immediate water demand adjustments to keep the system from shutting down permanently. It’s like having your own irrigation supervisor at every sprinkler, 24/7.
Integration Meets Intelligence: Smart Pump seamlessly integrates your entire irrigation system. It automatically starts waiting sprinklers or pauses active sprinklers to reduce flow or increase demand, keeping your irrigation system running at peak efficiency at all times.

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