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Remote water management is today's most powerful tool to generate and track real water savings. With the new IQ Platform, you can choose from three solutions that enable you to take greater control over the irrigation systems you manage.

New registrations for IQ3 are currently closed. IQ4 is the latest in Rain Bird water management and central control. Learn more and register for IQ4 here.

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IQ Solutions


If you work for an organization with strict IT security protocols, IQ-Enterprise allows you to deploy IQ-Cloud on your organization's servers. All the features of IQ-Cloud are available to give you mobile access on your organization's approved devices.

IQ Enterprise - Security

Manage IT security. Meet strict firewall and security restrictions without sacrificing features and mobility.

IQ Enterprise - Reduce Data Fees

Reduce data fees. Leverage your Wi-Fi network instead of relying on cellular connectivity to avoid data fees.

IQ Enterprise - Maximize Efficiency

Maximize efficiency. IQ-Enterprise supports mobile devices of any kind giving you the best security and mobility solutions.


IQ-Desktop is installed on your desktop computer and all data is stored there. You can also use the IQ Tablet, for mobile use which includes 6 months of our GSP professional support. IQ-Desktop is perfect for the single user. Click here to download IQ-Desktop v. 3.0 This includes a 60 day demo for new customers and upgrades existing customers to the latest version.

IQ Desktop - Weather-Based Management

Weather-based management. Adjust irrigation schedules using weather data from the Internet or onsite weather station.

IQ Desktop - Save Time

Save time. Eliminate time consuming and costly visits to the site by controlling the irrigation system remotely.

IQ Desktop - Dry Run

Stop guessing on the sequence of irrigation events. The dry run feature tells you which zones are operating and where, down to the minute.

IQ Desktop - Automate

Automate reports and alerts. Get reports on total irrigation time completed and water usage, set-up e-mail alerts to easily manage exceptions.

IQ Desktop - Flo-Watch

Rest easy. Using Flo-Watch™, IQ will react to unexpected flow events, notify you of any problems and shut down the affected zones.

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