Swing Joints

Swing Joints von Rain Bird sind so konstruiert, dass sie die von Ihnen erwartete Leistung erbringen und gleichzeitig Geld sparen – dank ihrer überlegenen Fließeigenschaften und ihrer ausgezeichneten strukturellen Integrität. Die Swing Joints von Rain Bird® gibt es in unterschiedlichsten Konfigurationen. Sie sind die perfekte Ergänzung für unsere Golfplatzregner.


Finden Sie mit unserem Swing-Joint-Konfigurator die ideale Lösung für Ihre Anforderungen an ein Swing Joint.


Superior Flow Characteristics
An innovative swept elbow design reduces pressure loss by up to 50 percent over other swing joints.
Excellent Structural Integrity
Reduces the costs associated with fatigue‑related failures.
Double O-ring Protection
Provides a better seal to ensure that joints are kept clean and can be repositioned easily.
Modified ACME Outlet
Improves safety by losing seal engagement before losing thread engagement during rotor removal.
Color-coding and Distinct Size Markings
Reduce costs by eliminating errors and improving installation efficiency with quick size identification at the job site.
Oversized Threaded Inlets
Make hand-tightening and blind installations (underwater) easier. This also reduces the risk of potential damage caused by over‑tightening with a wrench.
Extended Warranty
When used with Rain Bird golf rotors, extends rotor and swing joint warranty to five years.
If you currently have NPT or BSP swing joints, you can now enjoy the benefits of ACME‑threaded rotors by utilizing a Rain Bird NPT‑ACME or BSP‑ACME side of the adapter. Just screw the adapter into the inlet on the ACME case, and then screw the rotor with the adapter onto the NPT or BSP swing joint until it is snug.
Available for 1", 1¼", and 1½" swing joints, the adapter adds only about 1 3/8" to the installed height of the rotor, and is rated at the same operating pressures as Rain Bird Swing Joints.
Triple-Top Configuration
An available triple-top outlet configuration allows for easier adjustments when turf height changes or rotors settle. It also provides greater flexibility in setting the rotor to the grade.

Technische Daten

1" (2.5 cm), 1¼" (3.2 cm), and 1½" (3.8 cm)
Lay Arm Lengths
8" (20.3 cm), 12" (30.5 cm), and 18" (45.7 cm)
Inlet Type
NPT, BSP, ACME, and spigot
Outlet Thread Type
Enlarging NPT, BSP or ACME Outlets
Available on 1" (2.5 cm) and 1¼" (3.2 cm) swing joints for connections to many rotors with 1¼" (3.2 cm) and 1½" (3.8 cm) inlet sizes respectively (no additional adapters required)
Inlet Configurations
Standard side or top-mount connections to lateral lines
Outlet Configuration
Single-top or triple-top for added rotor positioning flexibility
Pressure Rating
315 psi (21.7 bar) at 73˚F (22.8˚C)
Reducing ACME Inlet
Available on 1¼" (3.2 cm) diameter swing joints for connection to a 1½" (3.8 cm) ACME service tee

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