Rain Birds Innovationen enden nicht beim Regner. Von der haltbaren Fertigung bis hin zu intuitiven Designmerkmalen werden Golfplatz-Ventilkästen nach einem Standard gebaut, den die Konkurrenz nicht bieten kann.


Strength & Stability
Multiple sizes and shapes are designed with corrugated sides and wide-flange bases for maximum durability, compression strength and stability.
Flexible Installations
Interlocking stacking capabilities, extension models and pipe hole knock-outs support deeper, more flexible installations.
Smart Lid Design
Designed with no holes to keep out pests and beveled edges to minimize potential damage from golf equipment, along with easy hand and shovel access. 
Environmentally Friendly
Earth-conscious, LEED-compliant composition made of 100% recycled materials.


Valve Box Specs


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