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Rain Bird has decades of experience addressing the unique challenges of park irrigation. With the most innovative and specialized suite of products in the industry, you'll experience the intelligent use of water

Reclaimed Water and Tight Maintenance Schedules Are No Problem for LEGOLAND


“Since we have changed out the valves (to the PESB-R) we haven’t had to replace a valve diaphragm because it has been eaten away. Before the PESB-R we were changing out a diaphragm every month”

LegoLand Entrance
Christophe Bruchez
Landscaping Supervisor

LEGOLAND has a four-hour window in the morning before the guests arrive to make sure the irrigation system is running smoothly. In addition, 90% of the landscaped areas are irrigated with reclaimed water from the City of Carlsbad. While the use of reclaimed water for landscaping reduces the overall potable water consumption of the theme park, the chemicals found in reclaimed water can be damaging to plastic irrigation components.

Lego Land
LEGOLAND, Carlsbad Ca

Manage Irrigation Throughout Multiple Public Green Spaces in Parks and Street Medians

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

According to a Ho Chi Minh City Department of Traffic and Transportation representative, the two largest budget items needed to maintain the green spaces are labor and water

IQ4 - Cloud Photo

At each of the field controllers a Network Communication Cartridge was installed to enable communication with IQ-Cloud. Once the field controllers were networked together, the city was able to adjust schedules from a central computer. As a result, water and labor costs have been reduced by more than 70% compared to conventional irrigation control

Solving Water Waste from Low-Point Drainage


“Using QF Dripline Header instead of traditional PVC pipe header allowed us to follow the curves designed into the garden. It also negated the need for extensive pipe cutting and solvent welding of PVC fittings to accommodate the XFS barbed fittings.”

XFS-CV Flexibility TQ Right
Zach Versluis
Natural Resource Specialist City of Aurora, Aurora Water

To help solve those challenges the city chose two Rain Bird drip irrigation products. First, the XFS-CV Dripline helped solve the drainage issue. This innovative dripline features a special emitter with built-in 4.3 psi check valve to prevent low-point drainage and a patented copper shield to prevent root intrusion in subsurface installations. The check valves keep the dripline charged with water in elevation changes up to 10 feet

Reflection Garden, City of Aurora, Co