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From stadium turf to sprawling sports complexes, Rain Bird has been addressing the unique challenges of sports fields since 1933

Arsenal Football Club Leverages New Technology to Achieve Intelligent Irrigation


"A tool like the Rain Bird Controller is as valuable to me as the players are to the Club!”

Steve Braddock
Head Groundsman Arsenal Training Grounds

To manage large-scale irrigation with a limited water supply. Steve uses an ESP-LX series controller and 3 pump stations to achieve the ideal balance between usage and available capacity in the main water tank. Using a staggard start time, he can be sure that the main water tank has enough time to replenish the level of water needed for the next burst


Arsenal Main 2
Arsenal Training Ground

Brazilian Soccer Stadiums Rely on Rain Bird Irrigation Systems

Brazil Stadium
World-Class Soccer Stadiums

“I have been working with Rain Bird products in construction and maintenance for sports turf, especially for soccer pitches, for more than 17 years in Brazil. In my opinion, Rain Bird products provided excellent water application uniformity”

Brazil Soccer
Fabio Camara
Technical Director, World Sports Company

At the stadiums, each station or zone uses one rotor. The ESP-LXD is connected to IQ and to soil moisture sensors installed in the field giving managers the ability to automatically adjust the irrigation schedules based on evapotranspiration (ET) rates and soil moisture levels

Artificial Turf Irrigation Decreases Wear and Tear, the Potential for Injury, and Creates a Faster Playing Surface


"The pitch is usable ten hours a day in all weather conditions, and it is refreshed by an automatic irrigation system so that it is less abrasive, especially for rugby ground play"

Mehdi Mennal
Arnaud Sports

The artificial pitch is equipped with the new XLR Water Jet bringing Highly uniform distribution which effectively irrigate large areas without flooding or pooling in overwatered zones

Stade Toulousain Training Center