Submitting New Product Ideas to Rain Bird

Information relating to a new idea, concept or design.

Dear Inventor:

Landscape pathIt is Rain Bird's Policy that before we can discuss your product idea with you, a Non-Disclosure Agreement form should be reviewed and signed by you. Please return the signed Disclosure Agreement with drawings and other detailed information regarding the invention/idea to the address listed below.  If you have a patent or a patent is pending, please provide that information as well.

After receiving your disclosure agreement and product idea information, we will forward the materials to the appropriate Engineering and Marketing reviewing staff who will give careful consideration to your idea.  A Rain Bird representative will contact you to let you know whether or not Rain Bird is interested in pursuing your idea.

Because water is a limited resource, Rain Bird focuses on developing products and technologies that use water in the most efficient manner possible and do not distribute fertilizers or chemicals. Rain Bird feels that it is our responsibility to take the lead on water conservation by promoting it not only through efficient irrigation management products, but also through education, training and services for our industry and our communities.  We call this products service strategy The Intelligent Use of Water®.

Rain Bird Corporation appreciates the opportunity to evaluate your product idea.

Thank you for thinking of Rain Bird.

Download the Disclosure Agreement

Kathy Ground
Customer Service Supervisor
Rain Bird Corporation
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Tucson, AZ 85756

Phone (520) 878-2419
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